To Shave or Not to Shave?

I have to say that I am really enjoying this “keep it scruffy” trend in facial hair. It saves me lots of time and I get to be cool for being lazy.

How scruffy is too scruffy?  If you hear something like this, it might be time to shave or at least trim:

  • Don’t make eye contact; just throw some change on the sidewalk.
  • Shouldn’t you be with the Hendersons buddy?
  • Hey Grizzly! Where’s Ben?
  • Wilson!
  • Everybody’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man! (Actually, that would be cool!)
  • Your face looks like sunglasses on a dog’s butt.


Ladies, what do you think about this new hairy trend?  

Guys, how about you?



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  1. Allan_J_Furman says:

    @SaskaDad to add to that, is it your choice? I’m aloud at Movember, lol #DadsRT

    • DadsRoundTable says:

      @Allan_J_Furman Luckily, my wife likes it when I have facial hair.

  2. ManvDadhood says:

    If I could grow MORE facial hair, I’d probably get more creative. As it is now, I tend towards shaving sometimes, and trimming other times.

  3. James,
    Personally I like the days I don’t shave at all. I made shaving a little more enjoyable and switched to de razor. I do like the closer shave a double edge blade gives vs. a disposable razor. I am also apprecaitve that the blades are around 10 cents a piece…i figure with all the money I am saving on a razor blades now I might actually be able to afford some college tuition for my son….lol 

    • JamesHudyma says:

      @dadblunders You laugh but it is true.  Some of these over-the-top 5-blade razors are very expensive.

      • @JamesHudyma  @dadblunders Check out Dollar Shave Club. They have it going on over there. Plus their commecerial (on the website) is hilarious.

      • @JamesHudyma  @dadblunders This is why I love my straight razor. One-time cost, a lifetime of use. :)

        • James Hudyma says:

          I’ve never used a straight razor. Too chicken.

  4. Ah, in my late teens to mid-twenties, I had the goatee and stache combo. (I also had long hair in various forms, two earrings, and a fairly decent physique…)
    Now? I can only grow hair on leave and I CAN’T STAND IT! Good thing is, neither can my wife, so it works out, lol.
    I do still threaten to grow a big bushy beard when I retire, but it won’t happen. :)

  5. Scruffy is cool.

  6. Scruffy is cool.
    Furry is not.
    If you look like a woodland creature (or like one might move in), it’s way past too long.
    I tell my hub I love the way it tickles my finger tips, but not to let it get long enough to hide them.

  7. JoeBugBuster says:

    @BruceSallan @SaskaDad I vote for *not* shaving today!

  8. Left Coast Dad says:

    Shave 2 days before you are suggested that you might want to think about shaving. After a bit of trial and error, you’ll figure it out. For me, I can go about 3 or 4 days.

    • James Hudyma says:

      Great tips. Thanks.

  9. I wear a goatee 99% of the time, and my wife likes it. Plus, it’s easier and quicker than shaving my whole face every morning. So I get to be lazy AND cool…

    • James Hudyma says:

      Lazy and cool is what this is all about. We should start a club.

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