Perfecting the Art of Roasting Wieners

The fire must be well-aged with a good bed of coal and glowing embers with very few flames.

Make sure the wiener is placed securely on the roasting stick. We use double-prong sticks.

Hold the stick parallel to the coal bed and over the center of the pit.  If you tip, the tip of the wiener will cook faster.  If you’re too close to one edge, it will cook unevenly.

Twirl the whole time.

Be patient.


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  1. My kids add an additional step to make passing the time more interesting.  They start bouncing the stick.  Then, they start waving it.  Rapidly, it degrades into stick swinging, flying wieners, and pizza for dinner.
    I’ve got a whole column on our frightening s’mores making process!

    • JamesHudyma says:

      @gina valley Frightening s’mores would be a great Halloween post.

      • @JamesHudyma I was thinking of debuting it next week, but your idea for on Halloween is much better. Thanks!

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