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  1. DaddysinCharge says:

    @readbradthedad how much does something like this cost?

    • readbradthedad says:

      @daddysincharge If the deal is still open, it’s $25 per for the #DadChat crowd. Too many quick thoughts in my head not article worthy = toon

      • DaddysinCharge says:

        @readbradthedad I think I’ll have my son illustrate stuff for me.

        • SaskaDad says:

          @DaddysinCharge that would be awesome.

        • readbradthedad says:

          @saskadad @DaddysinCharge Not a bad idea actually. Kid submissions? Come up with a funny/current topic and have our kids color/draw?

  2. ebuttscpa says:

     @readbradthedad This is classic. Have to send this to my wife. For some reason I think she’ll be able to relate.

  3. EButtsCPA says:

    @readbradthedad @VoogDesigns that’s good stuff right there. And so realistic lol

    • readbradthedad says:

      @ebuttscpa @VoogDesigns Haha! Thanks. My original idea was to have a spaced out look on Mom’s face, but Michael nailed it the smug look.

  4. Nice!

  5. JamesHudyma says:

    I love this!  Even though dads are the brunt of the joke, it is still hilarious.  If we can’t laugh at ourselves… 
    Great job Brad and Micheal!

    •  @JamesHudyma Yeah, I’m not of the ilk that gets mad at Huggies or anything like that for their depiction of dads.  I know that my house is in order and that is all that matters to me.  This idea was born out of my wife, after one particularly rough dinner episode, saying she was about to take her plate into the playroom to finish.  I jokingly said, “Don’t leave me alone with them!”
      I agree that we have to be able to laugh at ourselves.  We seem to take ourselves too seriously these days. 

  6. ashleebenest says:

    @readbradthedad morning 🙂

    • readbradthedad says:

      @ashleebenest Morning! How are you doing?

      • ashleebenest says:

        @readbradthedad I am great 😉 and you?

        • readbradthedad says:

          @ashleebenest great as well… and busy!

        • ashleebenest says:

          @readbradthedad have a great day my friend and don’t work to hard 🙂

  7. I will not say if this has happened in our house or not! 

    •  @therookiedad Lol, the “funny” part is that is an exact line of mine about the corn and getting hands off brother.  Patience, I hardly know ye. 

      •  @readbradthedad I think not having any patience is a dad trait in general.  I do not have any at all!

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