A Disservice

Parents around the world are reading Dads Round Table and many of the readers come from many of our contributor sites.  We tell you lots of stories of our children and our interactions with them.  The main reason we decided to create Dads Round Table was to break the stereotype and say that dads are involved.  But are we doing ourselves a disservice by telling these stories.

I hear fellow writers on this site yelling at me so let me explain.

I wrote a story the other day about an incident with a screwdriver in our house. The Kid was on my watch and to put it bluntly and without hurting my own feelings, something stupid happened.  With the incredible invention of the Internet, thanks Al Gore, I was able to share the story about how stupid I was as a father to the world.

You look at a site like this, like ManvDadhood and Brad the Dad, similar stories are told, maybe not as stupid as mine but they are dads who are not afraid to share moments like that.

Ask us why we write and many of us will answer that we first off enjoy writing and secondly, want to break the un-involved dad stereotype.

Wouldn’t a story about a child doing something dumb under the “careful” eye of the father be a disservice and put dads further back from breaking the stereotype?


If you look beyond the story, look beyond the fact that something brainless happened, and what you will see is a father who is involved.  You will see a dad who loves spending time with his kids and family.  You will see a man who wants to improve himself and help his children grow to be better people then he is.

That is just part of the reason we are here, willing to share our idiotic moments, because we are committed to our families.

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