Dads Don’t Babysit

If you are half a parent, mom or dad, you get it.  It’s an equal thing.  It’s called parenting. Mom’s do it. Dads do it. And sometimes even Grandparents have to step in and do it.  I don’t babysit and I don’t know any dad that does. There are some fellow Dad Bloggers that would make it seem like everyone is out to get them, that for some reason or another there is this higher power that is holding us all back from being the parent that we want to be.

Here is a tip. The only people that are holding us back from being the dads we want to be, are dads themselves.

There is a reason why some advertisers choose to portray us as bumbling fools, there are a bunch of men that still ARE bumbling fools.  And what do they say about one bad apple spoiling a bunch?  Well, there are bushels upon bushels of men that make us all look bad.

We are fighting the wrong people.  The message is being sent to the wrong place.

It’s not the government or Madison Avenue that is to blame for the lack of respect that many dads feel that they get.  It’s our own brethren.  Until ALL dads step up and prove that they are capable of being an equal parent, we will be looked upon as fools.

I just can’t get over the fact that so many think we are being suppressed as a parent.

Here are some things to look at.  We can vote just like mom, we can drink out of the same water fountain as mom, and we can even ride the same bus as her.  This is not the 60’s south where we are looked down upon based on the color of our skin, this is 2012, we can be the equal of mom if we CHOOSE to be her equal. Society is NOT holding us back.  WE are holding us back. I am tired of hearing the woe is me attitude of so many of my fellow dads. Just be a dad and stop worrying about what everyone thinks.

Dads don’t babysit?

Prove that you don’t.


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After 15 years as a News Photographer in the fast paced world of television news, I am now knee deep in Legos and laundry as the stay at home dad to to little boys. It was my choice to stay at home, so don't look at me like I am some kid of freak show. We're all parents just trying to raise our kids the right way. Some might be better at it than others, but if our kids love us for who we are, who cares.

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  1. ManvDadhood says:

    You are right to say that we [dads] will be taken seriously when we all step up, but I will say that we will begin to gain respect when we as a community of dads begin to build up and encourage one another, and let the bumbling become the exception. We can vent about it as much as we want (and sometimes it feels good to do that), but we need to make sure we enforce our new dad standard on one another, and don’t get caught in a parent-war of competing gender dominance in the home.

  2. twistedxtian says:

    Hear hear!

  3. Father time says:

    Dads can be both career focused and child focused just like moms. The problem of discrimination comes when the legal system weighs in on custody. That the well being of a child is always better served by mom as default. The archaic notion that men can not parent as well as women is still systemically strong and there is huge corporate law firms that benefit from the presumption that dads main contribution to child rearing be monetary. 15-20% of Canadian fathers are admitted stay at home dads yet this is not reflected in our family law or societal policies. How many single dad resources and support groups are there compared to moms? How often are men blatantly refused entry to parenting groups for moms? How does this get interpreted by our children and especially our sons? I grew up with the free to be you and me attitude but I am shocked and dismayed over how little freedom men have in the systemic realm of parenting. The court of law has not caught up with the court of public opinion and certainly not the reality of dads and mr moms of today.

  4. This post is bang on! The only thing that determines the quality of the dad is his own commitment to his family; his attitude. He chooses to be active and conscientious, or he chooses to be lazy and disconnected.

    So my question to you is how do we call out our peers when they cross the line and send social awareness of dads back to the 50s? How do we tell another dad—often a misguided buddy—to drop the stereotype and step up to his responsibility? How do we do it without getting punched in the head (metaphorically or literally)?

    Father Time, I respect your comment about issues with custody. This is one area where society needs to catch up, and it is the only time we can say fathers are being held back. Other than those situations, my advice to you is to just push through the social barriers for dads with pride and genuine participation. Join the groups and just be a parent; not a dad among moms. It may shock and surprise people at first, but so what. Soon you’re just one of the gang, and everyone is better for it.

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