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Our lawyer told us we had to add this page. Since we’re no help to parents in jail, here’s the legal skinny:

Anyway, if you don’t want to read through all of this, the condensed version of it says that Dads Round Table (further listed here as “DADSRT, this site, authors, us, and/or we”) and it’s affiliates are not liable for any damages through use or application of any product or information (referred to as “works” for the duration of this statement) found or referenced on this site. The links to products, services, or other sites may be affiliate links (where we make a commission from the sale if you buy something) or compensated links (we get paid or compensated for advertising, etc…). And we track traffic information about our visitors for internal and business use. That’s about it. We’re legit and do not trick people, so no worries.

Here’s the longer version:

Dads Round Table and it’s affiliates are not responsible for the theft, unauthorized recreation, or any other misuse of any intellectual property linked to or used on this site. While we do get authorization to use other people’s works on this site, misuse or copying it to any other site is unavoidable and not our responsibility to oversee. Please familiarize yourself with copyright law if you have any concerns regarding copyright infringement. Additionally, all material, original graphics, and works found on this site are the property of DADSRT or being used with explicit permission. No unauthorized use or recreation for any reason will be tolerated.

We track our traffic, both inbound and outbound, through analytics sites and codes provided by Google Analytics and Stat Counter. All visits are recorded by location and IP address and are visible to authorized DADSRT employees for business use. The information available to us is extensive and includes (but is not limited to) IP address, geographic location, browser information, computer operating system, trends, repeat visits, inbound and outbound links, and several other factors. This information is not for sale and is evaluated for internal and business use only. Information may be tracked via browser “cookies” and embedded tracking codes that are known to be safe and non-malicious in nature. We are not responsible for the degradation of these codes through their issuers. We do not collect, nor do we have access to information stored on the devices used to access our website. Information used for the purposes of business relationships are typically limited to page loads, overall traffic statistics, geographic locations, and total numbers of subscribers or email listed people. We do not share any private information with third parties not immediately affiliated with us. DADSRT employees and affiliated parties acknowledge a non-disclosure agreement and are subject to termination of relationship for infractions of the policy.

Most of the ads on this site and the owners other blogs/sites are brought to you via affiliate marketing programs. If you are unsure what affiliate marketing is, in a nutshell, it means that if you follow one of the links on the page and purchase something, we make a small commission from the sale. We have a minimalist approach to advertising on our pages. We will never clutter up my content in order to advertise anything. Occasionally, we may link directly from a blog post, but we will leave a notice on the bottom of the post to let you know if it is an affiliate link or just a link to a non-affiliated website, person or product.

Some ads are not through affiliates. We do run ads for companies or products that we appreciate or believe in, with or without compensation. The appearance of a brand or company on this site does not necessarily denote a paid or compensatory relationship.

The links on any review pages are almost all affiliated links. These links will take you to reasonably priced versions of the products. The names of book authors and series names are affiliate marketing links to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. These links take you to a listing of that authors work on these sites or a list of the series that the bookstore carries. There are a few links that are not affiliated. Those will be easily differentiated by listing the full website in the book description (or similar).

Currently, we are affiliate of the following entities (this list can change without notice, although we try to keep it as updated as possible):

  • StudioPress (Genesis Framework for WordPress)
  • Crayolastore
  • Mr. Beer
  • Cooking
  • Zoobooks
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Amazon
  • Writer’s Digest Shop
  • GoDaddy
  • Oakley
  • My MM’s
  • Highlights for Children
  • MOMables
  • Melissa and Doug

By the terms of use through these affiliate marketers, they may change their policies, links and/or advertisements without notice. If this happens, it is out of our control and we will do what we can to repair broken or improperly working links as soon as possible.

Also, to be completely clear, the views and opinions published on this site are ours and ours alone. In no way do any comments on products or other posts (including links) or podcasts/videos intentionally express the opinions of any other person, entity, or affiliated/unaffiliated partner. We do not post slanderous statements but we will say whether we did or did not care for something and give a brief statement as to why we have that opinion. Links will still be placed on products that we did not care for or gave a poor review to. You are entitled to your own opinions and we encourage you to form your own on anything we publish. We post links for convenience, not for endorsement through any particular company or organization (unless otherwise noted.) In non-review posts, We are in no way paid for our opinions, nor do we endorse any product or intellectual work found on this or any other site that is not included in this disclosure statement or in a separate disclosure in the post itself. In review posts, we have been approached for endorsement purposes (paid, unpaid, or otherwise), and we will state the agreement in the review. We will reserve (and exercise) the right to deny posting any review or endorsement that we cannot personally or morally stand behind. Simply stated, if we won’t use a product or recommend it to our family or friends, we won’t put it on this site.

Commenting Policy

Commenting is a large focus for many articles on DadsRT. In that, general societal norms are used as a basis for our commenting policy—in short, be good to one another. In long form, we will absolutely not allow flaming, personal attacks, hi-jacking, or any other form of commenting that is intended to deface the author of the article or DadsRT as an entity.

You will find many conflicting opinions on articles here. We have a very diverse audience, staff, and contributor base. We will from time to time disagree or become passionate about a specific topic. Before commenting, you agree to uphold everyone’s freedom to speak their opinion without being attacked for it. This community is a non-retribution environment. Any commenting on this site or any of our “social spokes” (other associated social media channels) that does not adhere to this policy will be removed, and the commenting party potentially blocked from commenting again.

* Disclaimer details may change without notice. Some basic rights (including copyright) may not be listed. All updates will be listed on this page.