200 Words on Two Reality TV Shows

Photo by Andrew Eccles/USA Network

Photo by Andrew Eccles/USA Network

Last week, I watched, on purpose, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and  Chrisley Knows Best. I fully understand the appeal of E! News. It’s Sportscenter for people intrigued by fashion and TV/movie stuff. But the appeal of this garbage baffles me.

On the Kardashians, there are three types of segments.

1) These Kardashians (weren’t Cardassians always villains on Star Trek?) at parties, or laying around the house the morning after talking about parties.

2) The Kardashians shopping, or laying around the house talking about shopping.

3) Having sex, or talking about sex, or talking about other people having sex.

4) I forgot; lots of yelling and door slamming.

Party, shop, sex, repeat.  Shouldn’t the folks at Mythbusters do a segment that investigates the myth of the Kardashian appeal? Can someone explain the appeal? On second thought, don’t waste our time.

Chrisley. Is there a more appalling individual on TV? A bully, by every definition. Way to raise self-efficacious kids, pal. I suspect that most people watch this show to:

1) Laugh at him

2) Realize that in the USA, anyone can become a millionaire

I’d rather watch C-Span than this asshat.

Do you let your kids watch this stuff?




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