7 Best Lego Sets to Buy This Holiday Season

I love Legos.

I think I love them more than my kids do.  Over the years Lego sets have been the go to gift around the holidays.  Whenever someone would ask me what they can get my boys, I would always tell them to get a Lego set.  Now thousands upon thousands of Lego bricks later, I’m requesting gift cards.  That’s not to say we don’t still want Lego sets, it’s just I have nowhere else to put them.

I have a few rules when it comes to buying sets:

  1. Don’t spend more than $.10 a brick.
  2. Don’t waste your money on Star Wars.
  3. Don’t buy anything with a propeller or something that needs to float.
  4. Skip things like Ninjago and Chima because those sets just won’t last.

As you can probably guess I am a huge fan of the City sets.  I like classic sets like a Fire Station or a Police Station and don’t like the branded sets like Star Wars so much.  It’s not to say that I don’t like Star Wars or would never buy a set, I just feel that they are overpriced with too many characters that the average person has never heard of.  Of course my kids never cared about that, they just wanted a Luke Skywalker mini-figure.

With all this is mind here are the 7 best Lego sets to buy this holiday season.

Fire Station (60004)

Lego Fire Station

What kid wouldn’t want a fire station?  With two fire trucks, five mini-figures, a helicopter, and a dalmatian the fun is endless… especially when paired with a…

Police Station (60047)

Lego Police Station

What’s not to like?  7 mini-figures, two cars, a motorcycle, a helicopter, good guys, bad guys… It has pretty much everything your kid would like. At $99 it’s not cheap, but it makes a great gift.

Santa’s Workshop (10245)


I have gotten a few of these seasonal items as gifts.  I like getting Legos too you know.  I have to say that this is my favorite.  It has reindeer, Santa, elves, donuts, and of course a sleigh full of toys.  It makes a great little show piece to display in your living room.

Millenium Falcon™ (75105)


I know that I said not to get Star Wars Legos.  Sometimes you have to make an exception and the Millennium Falcon™ is the one exception.  I told my son when he was younger that he could get the Death Star if he still liked Legos when he was 12. He has kind of grown out of Legos and the idea of the Death Star gracing our home isn’t happening (THAT IS THE SET YOU WOULD BUY IF YOU WANTED TO SPEND $399).  Chances are you don’t want to spend that much so this set is a WAY better option.

The Mystery Machine (75902)


I think that I am buying this set for myself.  I mean you get Fred, Shaggy, AND Scooby.  I would gladly pay $30 just for a Scooby Doo Lego and the fact that I get all the rest is a bonus.

Benny’s Spaceship (70816)

Benny's Spaceship 70816

Every kid needs a spaceship and this one can be made into about a thousand of them.  I still remember my space station that I had as a kid.  In fact my parents still have it in their house and I put it together last year. Of course it’s going to be hard to find because it looks to be sold out.  I could sell you mine… for a price of course.

Large Creative Brick Box (10698)

lego large creative brick box

Of course you can always just buy a generic set.  All of the sets that I talked about before will ultimately be smashed together at some point and your creative juices will begin to flow… so why not buy a set that is already that way?

There you have it.  Enjoy your holiday.



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