Roundtable Review: Boom Bat

I have an unfair advantage when it comes to being a parent in the Summer.   I am a teacher,  and even though I don’t have the salary that causes envy,  I do have a schedule that makes people jealous.   I have summers off,  and get to spend them with my family.  While memories are being made and skin is being burned,  I’m right there with them making the same memories and peeling from my balding head.

There is no other place in the US more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest in the Summer.  I would say this is just my opinion,  but many visitors to Washington reiterate this statement in words or by moving here.  We are characterized here by our love of coffee,  technology,  and the outdoors. Any opportunity to be outside and engaged with our kids is a good thing.   Finding ways to be involved with our kids are the kinds of things we value.

A few months ago I was contacted by_____ who had a cool outside toy they wanted me to review for DadsRoundTable.  They had a cool idea of a bat that makes a big booming sound,  and I thought this was a great opportunity to play with my young son.

Initial concerns:

How sturdy are the materials used?
The bat is huge,  would it be any fun?
The connection to the app seems cool,  but like you can easily cheat it.
What happens when this bat inevitably cracks?

Product conclusion:

The bat is built well.   It seems like my concerns about the materials were just me worrying about it.  I took my best shots with the bat,  and it showed no signs of limits.   It’s built to hit home runs.   We even pulled out a tennis ball and kept swinging for the fences.

The bat is a beast,  but my young son could handle it because it’s long,  but hollow.   It was all long enough to where it felt right when I was using it.

The only negative I found about this product was the connected app.   It’s a cool idea to be able to level-headed your players or equipment by playing outside with the bat,  but you would have to like that particular kind of game.   My son doesn’t play baseball games on a mobile device,  nor did he show interest in this one.   What he did like,  was the level meter that was on the bat,  however I saw him sitting inside throwing the ball against the bat and leveling it up that way.  One last nit-pick is that the digital meter is loose and rattles,  but that is just me.

Lastly,  What happens when this bat inevitably cracks; will it splinter with sharp edges or just split? I actually don’t know.   This bat is not indestructible,  but it is built well enough to where I cannot answer this question yet.   However,  kids are great at breaking things and I work under the assumption that they can break anything.

Product Recommendation:

Yes,  I would recommend this product.   It is the baseball equivalent to lowering a basketball hoop to have a dunk contest.   It’s fun,  but you may not do it all




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