A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words


Every once and a while I’m prone to writing what I call a “selfish post.” Meaning, that as much as I believe people will enjoy reading what I write, the main goal is to capture a moment in parenthood that I want to remember forever. This is one of those posts, but with a little bit of a twist — the moment is a picture. I also hope that others in the Dads Round Table community will follow suit and pick a picture that captures a moment in parenthood they wish to remember forever and write about it. Maybe this catches on. Maybe we even hashtag it: #APicturesWorth. Maybe none of that happens and this “selfish post” turns out to be just that. All good outcomes, in my opinion.

So, what is it about this picture that I love so much?

For starters, socks (and the lack of socks). I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a role socks play in our house right now. It’s ridiculous. Our 4-year-old will literally not enter the house with socks on. He plops himself right down on the garage floor in front of the door to the house, more often than not holding up “traffic” behind him, and will proceed to take off his sneakers and his socks before going inside. It could be 5 degrees out, the floor could be wet from all the snow that we tracked in, but does he care? No, the socks need to come off. There is no reasoning with him about this.

Our 7-year-old, on the other hand, pretty much plans his outfits around socks. Neon colors are making a comeback in case you haven’t noticed, and so are knee-high socks. Marry the two and that’s what you’ll find on his feet most days. There are even these things call “elite” socks that I guess are all the rage. All I know is that my 7-year-old SON puts about the same amount of time and consideration into his socks as a model does their hair. And the part that’s even crazier? So does most of his 2nd grade class!

Socks. Who knew?

Hockey. Anyone who knows my family knows that hockey plays a major role our lives. And much like the little guy takes off his socks before he enters the house, older brother tends to leave his jacket on for a good hour or so upon returning home. In this picture he still has his hockey jacket on, the exact same jacket that I have as his coach. Very few things have given me more pleasure than watching him play hockey and being his coach, so that jacket being in this picture is simply perfect.

More hockey, you ask? The 4 sheets of paper hanging in the background above the fireplace are our NCAA Frozen Four brackets. March Madness does NOT equal basketball in our house. We all filled one out, Hockey Mom included. In fact, my wife was mad at us at first for filling out our brackets without her.

Snacks. Another thing going on in this picture that dominates the daily happenings of our here and now. Get in the car, they want snacks. Come home, they want snacks. Go the park, they want snacks. Wake up in the morning, they want snacks. Finish dinner, they want snacks. Have a snack, they want snacks. These two basically treat snacks like breathing.

Snacks, snacks, snacks. (Strange how this word is only just a few letters different than socks…)

The globe in the background hasn’t been forgotten. Nor is it out in our family room by chance. As much as my two maniacs obsess over socks and snacks, I’m happy to report they love their states and countries just as much. This globe is out because our 4-year-old was asking about Cameroon. That’s right. 4-years-old, Cameroon.

We also have this fun card game called Scrambled States of America that the boys just eat up. Then there is this huge, interactive US map that hangs on our wall, we have map puzzles, map books, and more than a few learning apps that focus on countries and states alike. Taking a road trip with these two is quite the experience. “What town are we in now? Oh look, we just crossed into New York. How long until we get into New Jersey?” They devour it all. Basically, if I have a question about US or global geography, I’m starting with my boys before I hit the Internet. Cameroon…

The flat, orange thing on the left? Why, that’s none other than Perry the Platypus’ tail. We have seen lots of kids’ shows come and go, but as a family, Phineas and Ferb is the show for us. Granted, there isn’t as much learning going on as was the case with some of our old favorites like Curious George and Dinosaur Train, but nor is the show anywhere close to being as vapid as the one about that silly, porous and yellow square. Phineas and Ferb is clean and funny and the adult humor sprinkled in is much appreciated. If there’s a better cartoon about a secret agent platypus living with a quirky family in the Tri-State Area, I’m yet to find it.

But most of all in this picture, I love how close they are to each other. There’s plenty of room on that couch for both of them to do their own thing, but at this moment in time (trust me, it’s not always this way), the two of them are best of friends and want nothing more than to be eating the same exact snack, watching the same exact show, sharing the same exact space.

Wearing the same exact socks? Not on your life.


What do you say, friends? Have a picture that you just love? Maybe you’ve already posted it but feel that it’s worth more than just “Likes.” Well, take that picture, put it in front of you and start writing. I promise, you’ll find that you’re going to need to “edit down” to get to a thousand words. And don’t do it for me, do it for you.


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