How to Cut People Out of Your Life

Why would you have a need to completely disconnect from another person?  Doesn’t doing that seem like a drastic measure?  What if they are family?  What if they are your spouse’s family? Well, regardless of who someone is, there are a couple scenarios when it may become necessary to cut them out of your life… either temporarily or permanently.

  1. You Must Exorcise the Demons.

It’s one thing to have different religious views, but it is another thing to feel like that difference is the basis for the relationship.  No one likes to feel like a project, and every conversation should not be an attempt to convert me to either another religion, non-religion, or some other institution of theological thinking.

  1. I Know What You Did Last Summer.

It’s too much work to maintain the lie… Whatever it may be. It’s hard enough to put my own best foot forward every day, and it’s even harder to perpetuate the facade you’ve created.

  1. The Slap Bet.

The constant stress that they may flip-out on you at any given moment. No one should live with that level of stress.  Whether through physical threats or emotional manipulation, no one deserves to subject themselves to an oppressive person.

  1. Ants In Your Pants.

It’s hard to verbalize, but you are always just uncomfortable around this person. They say things that should have gone through filter or firewall, they encroach on your personal space, or they take unwarranted allowances with your personal possessions.

How to do this is easier said than done, but don’t worry, I have successfully reached this achievement a couple times.  What is the hardest part of doing this is making the decision that there is a cancerous or poisonous individual who needs to be extracted from your daily, weekly, or monthly interactions (refer to initial list above).  Once that has been concluded, you can move on to Phase 2: Actually blocking people as in the video below.

I am from the school of thought where you can talk as much trash to me as you want, because I have a very thick skin and could really care less about some people’s opinions.  However, when or if you bring my kids into the equation… we will be done very quickly.  I have done it before.




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