Do You Tell Your Kids The Truth About Monsters?

When I put my kids to bed, one will inevitably ask me to close their closet door. My kids share a room and sleep with a lantern on, because the darkness is scary; it represents the unknown to them. Being afraid of the dark is a normal milestone for kids to reach, because it means that their imagination is growing.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist. -The Usual Suspects

At some point kids begin to believe that monsters aren’t real. They forget about the boogieman or ghost in the closet, and don’t realize that there is a different kind of monster that does exist. These monsters aren’t cute and cuddly like Sully and Mike Wazowski . However, these monsters are just as real, and they care us all.

The news has had story after story of horrifying tragedies: New Town, the Boston Marathon, Amanda Berry, Seattle Pacific University, and the list continues to grow and grow. It’s gotten to the point that some days I go home after being unable to even listen to the news on my drive and just sit and look at my kids. I wonder how to prepare them to survive this world and also live without fear.

We teach our kids to be cautious when crossing the street and when driving, but we don’t teach them to have a fear of cars. Is it that they are tossed about the joys and dangers of the roadways? Should we also educate our kids about the joys and dangers of those we share this world with?

Long-story-short, I’ve known some monsters. Unfortunately, they are not big blue fur balls with fangs or little one-eyed green sidekicks.

Do you tell your kids the truth about monster? That they exist.



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