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The picture stinks

The picture stinks

Now that everyone’s phones can take videos and pictures, everybody is doing it constantly.  I can’t go to one of my kids events anymore without the paparazzi showing up and destroying the show.  Whether it’s the people that run up to the side of the stage and snap a photo or the person that holds up their iPad to record their child’s rendition of Jingle Bells, parents everywhere are ruining each others ability to see their kids perform.

I get it.  We all want to have video of our kids in their special moments, but sometimes it’s just not necessary.  We are so apt to record a performance to watch at a later date, that we are forgetting to enjoy it as it happens.  Too often I see parents watching their kids shows on a four inch by three inch screen on their phones rather watching it with their own eyes right there in front of them.

How often have you gone back and watched something that you recorded of your kids?  If you are anything like me, the answer is probably not that often.  I have hours upon hours of videos of my kids, including holiday shows, and not once have I popped it up on my TV to watch.  The same goes sporting events.  I’m pretty sure I have a video of Tyler hitting one of those Little League home runs that should have been an out at first base, but I have no idea where it is.  I remember focusing so much on him that I had no idea where he hit the ball or anything else that was going on.  While the moment was pretty cool to have, I kind of wish I just I enjoyed the moment as it happened.

Holiday shows bring out the worst in this sort of thing.  The moment the curtains go up, 100 phones go up as well. Everyone is straining their neck to get a shot of their child, but the phone in front of them is blocking your view and you in turn are blocking the view of the person behind you.  You try to record the show, then you realize that your camera wasn’t set to record video so you look down and change the setting. By the time you get that done, your kid is done singing for the day.  Instead of watching your child and applauding their efforts, you are left with a fuzzy picture of the back of some guys head and wondering why your phone didn’t record video like you thought it was. You missed the moment.

So this holiday try to enjoy the moment as it happens and don’t worry so much about capturing for future enjoyment.  Trust me.  The moment itself is way better than any recording.


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