How Do Clams Reproduce?

Courtesy HAAP Media Ltd.It’s a question that I don’t have an answer for, because I have never really thought about it.  It’s a clam.  They show up at the store, I cook them, then I eat them.  Where they come from from is not something that I care to know.

But apparently these are the types of things that kids just NEED to know.

I’m not Google, but when you are a parent you have to pretend that you are.  13,000,000,000,000 calculations, definitions, and facts have to be stored somewhere in my limited brain at all times.  Kids have an amazing ability to ask us the most ridiculous questions and most of the time it happens right around bedtime. I’m pretty sure that my son doesn’t really care about how a clam is made; he does love New England clam chowder, but he has never expressed at interest bivalve mollusks at any point in the day.  Only at bedtime.

Kids never seem to ask us what two plus two is before they fall asleep.  It’s always some deep thought provoking question like “How did the Earth form,” “Why the sky is blue,” “What’s the meaning of life,” or “How do clams reproduce.”  It’s ALWAYS something that there is no easy response for or at least one that I have no clue about without looking up the answer.

I don’t hate bedtime, but sometimes it drags on too long and kids know that.  Ask a really hard question and we might just stay with them another five minutes.  I’d love to say that I do stick around and we discuss possible answers, but I don’t.  I just tell them that I have no idea and that I will look up the answer while they are sleeping.  Otherwise they will ask ANOTHER question, most likely one that I have no answer for and I will never get out of there.

How do clams reproduce?

Eggs and sperm are released into the water seasonally, generally in mid-summer when water is warm and planktonic food is abundant. After fertilization of an egg, cellular division produces larvae and eventually tiny clams that settle to the bottom.   –


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