22 Things More Important Than Coloring in Circles

I’m a big fan of life experiences.  I think a kid can learn infinitely more experiencing the world than being cooped up at a desk for eight hours a day.  Kids need to see things other than the four walls of their classroom.  There will be time when they get older for them to be stuck in a cubicle, school is definitely NOT the time for that.

It seems that the school year is getting longer and longer and the summer is getting shorter and shorter.  I don’t know if that’s really the case, but when I was younger it seemed like the summer went on forever.  As a parent, all I see is the summer slipping away.

It's not always about what you learn in the class room

It’s not always about what you learn in the class room

Too much emphasis is placed on what kids learn IN school and not enough on what they learn OUTSIDE of it.  As soon as the school year is over you are told to not forget about the summer reading program and what you can do to help your kid get ready for the next level.  Part of me wants to tell the school administrators that these 22 things are way more important than getting them ready to fill in the little circles on a standardized test.

  1. Capturing fireflies
  2. Learning to build a fire. (outside of the house)
  3. Jumping waves.
  4. Finding the perfect stadium hot dog
  5. Learning to water ski.
  6. How to throw a curve ball.
  7. Learning to skip a rock.
  8. Blazing a new hiking trail
  9. Building a sand castle
  10. Riding a bike.
  11. Spitting sunflower seeds.
  12. Kicking a rock.
  13. Watching a movie outdoors.
  14. Eating s’mores.
  15. Feeling the rush of a roller coaster.
  16. Riding the rapids.
  17. Swing on a tire swing.
  18. Laying in a hammock.
  19. Staring at the night sky.
  20. Listening to cars on the highway.
  21. Swimming in a lake.

I’m sending a note to school on the first day to let the teachers know what they can do to prepare my kids for next summer.  What would you add?


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  1. Brad the Dad says:

    23. Building a fort.

    Up in a tree, between bushes, a converted swing set, whatever, building forts with my friends was always a summer favorite.

  2. Happiest Daddy says:

    24. Watching planes take off and land.

    The wow factor for my kids is off the charts!

    25. Perfecting the cannonball in the pool.

    It’s not only who can make the biggest splash but who can yell “Cannonball” loudest prior to impact.

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