Top 7 Things I Want For Mother’s Day

Can you feel it?

The air is thick with tension. It’s time to figure out Mother’s Day gifts.

People who have mothers or are partners with a mother or know someone who’s a mother are all experiencing PTGSD (Pre Traumatic Gift Selection Disorder).

5-6-14aI don’t claim to represent the gift preferences of every mother on the planet, but a very unscientific poll of many of the moms I know showed great support for my favorite gifts. I think it comes down to the fact that we moms, just like you dads, really just want to feel acknowledged, appreciated, and loved.

Here’s a list of the top seven gifts that would help me feel all of those things. I’m willing to bet that the mothers in your life would love these, too.

Top 7 Things I Want For Mother’s Day

#1.  Something Kid-Made – A card, a picture, a sculpture, hand prints, anything. No matter what age my child is I always treasure most something they make for me. A card made for me means more to me than any gift. I save those forever. You encouraging and guiding my child to make something for me warms my heart, and demonstrates that you understand me.

#2.  A Picture Of World Peace – By “world peace” I mean, of course, “my world” in peace, and by “picture” I mean a photograph of all of my kids. So, a photo of my kids together, all getting along, and all in the same location. Dressed nicely. Hair combed.  Even if it just lasted long enough for that one photo, nothing is more beautiful to me.  In a quality frame, ready for me to display.

#3.  No responsibilities – I make constant decisions. I often feel like I’m responsible for every activity, every decision, every consequence.  A day off from that pressure would be a wonderful gift. How’s that song go? “Ask me no questions!”? Please. Just for a day.

5-6-14b#4.  An easy Monday – The problem with me taking Mother’s Day Sunday off is dealing with all of the ignored Sunday responsibilities, along with my usual Monday load, all on Monday.

If, instead, on Sunday the kids were put to bed on time, the laundry and dishes were done, the house was tidied, backpacks and shoes were located, the computers were backed up, the car oil was checked, I wouldn’t have to do all of that on Monday. Nice to skip it on Sunday. Better to get to skip it completely for once.

If you were to also pack the Monday lunches, gas up my car, and iron my blouse, awesomeness would reign in our kingdom, and a great celebration would be likely Monday night.

#5.  Flowers –Gorgeous flowers.  I love flowers.  A special bouquet or arrangement says “I planned ahead to get these for you because I value you,” and makes my day.  They’re beautiful, and, when they fade in a week or so, I can just throw them out.  Hook a card you and the kids made for me on there with a big bow to make it perfect.

#6.  Beautiful Words For Ugly Days – All of the wonderful things you and our kids tell me on Mother’s Day bring joy to my heart. But, as you know, days filled with appreciation for parenting are few and far between.  So, get a jar with a lid, and some pretty squares of paper.  Put one of those wonderful things on each square of paper, fold it up, and drop it into the jar until it’s full. When I’m having a rough “mommy-ing” day, I will pull some of those out for a splash of the beautiful side of parenting.

5-6-14c#7.  Reservations (with the restaurant and my friends) for me and my 3 closest friends to go to dinner together at that cool restaurant downtown that doesn’t even have high chairs, while you get our kids bathed and put to bed.  Bonus points to you if you send your credit card with me.

I know you guys find it frustrating when the gifts we ladies want aren’t the kind that can easily be wrapped, and mind boggling when none of them have a cord.  So, if you really need to get something with a cord, get a super long charging cord or a power pack auxiliary charger or a photo printer for her cell phone. Any of these would make it easier to use our favorite technology, our cell phones, for our favorite activity on them, taking/sharing pictures of our kids.

Or, just give us a bag full of diamonds. Everyone wants one of those.

Happy Mother’s Day!


How do you celebrate the mothers in your life? Do you give gifts? Do you prefer gifts of service or gifts of stuff? How are you teaching your children to honor their mother?  Shoot me a comment. You’re already here anyway, and I’d like to hear what you think.

Join me for a laugh filled list of the Top 10 Things I DON’T Want For Mothers’ Day. Remember, as always, the extra click to get there counts as cardio.


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