Music Makes Me a Better Parent

As a parent I find what I say to my kids is often instructional rather than conversational. I am not a great conversationalist and music helps me talk with my kids. We talk about what we like or dislike about a particular song, artist, or style. Together we learn.

Daddy Daughter Guitar Ukelele

Sharing music I currently enjoy and some of my favorites from my youth are great for connecting with my kids. By getting to know my music, they also get to know me. It also works the other way around. By paying attention to the music my kids love, I get to know them a little better.

I know it sounds strange to “get to know” my own kids but as a dad I spend so much of my time parenting that I sometimes forget to appreciate their unique and developing identities. Whether or not they realize it, I’m sure my kids feel the same way. They get to see that I’m dad but I’m also James. By getting involved in each other’s interests, we strengthen our relationships which in turn makes parenting and being parented, a little easier.

At least once a week I bring my electric guitar and amp upstairs and crank it up. Sometimes we go unplugged and I play my acoustic. My kids have various instruments, mostly percussion, and they play along. We put on quite a show with singing, dancing, and a healthy dose of silliness. Music provides an opportunity for us to play together. Sing together. Dance together. Together.

Dad Plays Guitar at Home

My wife and I are both teachers. Like many families, we relocated to find steady employment. On extended breaks like Christmas and Summer Vacation, we pack up the van and travel home. I always take a guitar with me so we can take our rock show on the road. While leading Christmas Carols and Campfire Songs my kids get to see how music brings family together to make lasting memories and create traditions worth keeping.

My kids are young enough that I am still taking the lead role in introducing music to them. Soon enough the tables will turn and they will be introducing me to new music. I look forward to that day.

Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution




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