Hockey Dad Tries out for Baseball Dad

BaseballBenchThe pace of baseball is completely foreign to me, the amount of rules stresses me out and my childhood memories of the game are less than glamorous.

But it’s not about me, is it?

It’s about my 6-year-old son who practically floats with excitement just being on the same field as all of his friends. The faces are even mostly the same, they are my hockey kids, only with mitts on their hands and caps on their heads. Their smiles just as I remember them from underneath their helmets. It’s becoming (painfully) clear to me that the sport itself is secondary to my little athlete and is more about playing with his friends.

So here I am, a hockey dad, and my son is playing baseball. Can I be a baseball dad too?

I don’t know the answer to that question yet, but you bet I’m going to try. It’s time that I put my own baseball cap on and get serious about this sport that is in my blood. You see, my grandfather used to scout for the Philadelphia Phillies and wrote a local sports column (I got the writing bug from him at least) called, Strictly Local. So, no more sitting idly by on the sidelines, it’s time for this hockey dad to shower his knowledge upon his son from the sidelines and maybe even teach these baseball coaches a thing or two in the process.

“Keep those knees bent, son. Head up and always be ready.”

Okay, that wasn’t so bad. I think it was even correct. Sure those same things apply in hockey, but nobody needs to know that.

“Great job! Way to swing that stick, er, bat.”

I need to focus a little harder here.

“Hey, look! There goes the ball up into the air, keep your eye on it. Yup, just keep watching it and I’m pretty sure the rest will take care of itself.”

There seems to be something missing from this eye on the ball equation, but the looks coming my way are minimal at this point so I’m pretty sure I’m onto something.

“Hey, don’t let that kid stand on 1st base with you. That’s your base! Don’t let him for a second think he can just plant himself there and wait while the pitcher…”

Okay, now people are looking at me.

“Penalty! Penalty! He touched my kid with his glove after putting the ball in it. Roughing the baserunner, right?”

Apparently, no.

“Get your bat back, son. Elbows up. Here comes the pitch. No wait, sorry, it’s coming right after the pitcher fixes his cap. Okay, now… nope, he has to tie his laces I guess. Right, right, now he has to pick up the bag with the white stuff in it again. Okay, now here comes the pitch. I think.”

Still waiting. 

“Yeah, what coach said.”

These coaches really know what they are talking about.

“Great job out there today, buddy.”

He really did do great out there. Who taught him how to do all of that stuff? Oh right, Mommy. 

“Did you have fun?”

Good, that’s all that matters. 

“I’m proud of you.”

I’m proud of you. 


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