5 Ways to Make Going Back to Work Easier for You and Your Family

Going Back To Work - Dads Round Table

During a recent lay-off, I found myself back into the stay-at-home-dad world.   To be honest, it was something that I was excited about, despite also needing to look for jobs.  I knew that the time that I would be spending with my son would be limited and soon the call came that has me in my new job.

It wasn’t easy going back to work though.  I was home for nearly a month with my son and we both were in a groove with each other.  It wasn’t an easy adjustment going back to work between learning my new job and the kid going back to day care.  It was exhausting.  On top of that, I still had to come home and be a parent.   Routines are messed up and in the end I was spending less time with my son.

There are things though that I found out you can do to ease the transition when you go back to work.

1.  Have a Day Out

While this may sound like more stress than it is worth, it isn’t, trust me.  With your new job you will be spending less time with your children, so take the day to explore a new park or go eat somewhere the kid wants to eat at.  Put down the phone and really spend time with your child.

2.  Start the Morning Routine Early

This is one of the biggest changes that you will have to make.  You’ll have to wake your butt up, get out of your pajamas, get in the shower, have breakfast, and get out of the door.  This also goes for your child.  Start finding your routine a few days before you start your job.  This will help your child ease into the change.

3.   Keep Work at Work

This is difficult, at first.  You are learning new things and working hard to get up to speed on your new career.  It’s all exhausting and pretty much all you think about is work.  It will be all you talk about for a few days because you will excited more than likely.  In the end though family over everything.  They will always be there for you no matter how stressful of a day you had.

4.  Find a Routine

This goes back to number 2.  Once you find that routine you it will also help you keep work at work because you will find that time to decompress from your tough days on the job.  A routine will also help you be more productive in your new job.

5. Find Time To Yourself

Finding time to yourself will be difficult at first but once you find that routine (#4 in the list) you’ll be able to find the time to yourself.  Finding that time for yourself will make you a better parent and employee.  We all need time to do things that we enjoy the most, even if that is restraining the deck or mowing the lawn.


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