Lunch Napkins

My kids never buy their lunch from school.  Every night of the week, my wife and I pack their lunches.  It would be so much easier if they simply bought and saved my wife and I the 10 minutes it takes to perfectly match the correct juice box with the right kind of sandwich and fruit (my kids can, at times, best be described as being “divas”) but alas, they don’t buy their lunch.

I hate packing their lunches.  I am not sure why, I suppose it is just one of my pet peeves, like when my wife wants to talk to me about cleaning out the garage.  So of course, in my infinite amount of manhood, I began plotting how I could get out of packing my kids’ lunches (See ‘Being a Man’ Chapter 3:  The Easy Way Out).  In my infinite amount of manhood, I of course could not think of anything outside of faking a pulled hamstring.  Thankfully, I have kids who are much smarter than I am.  My 8 year old asked if I would draw her a picture to put in her lunch.

I love to draw and if I could draw her a picture while her mom makes the lunch I would have achieved my intended goal.  Of course I would draw her a picture! Thus Lunch Napkins was born.

I called on my overwhelming fanboyism (I know its not a real word but this is my post so we’re just going to add that to the dictionary) to draw my 8 year old a picture on her napkin.  My first picture was Iron Man, issue 95.

I continued with drawing different covers to different comic books from both Marvel and DC (and Image) on both of my kid’s napkins.  It has given me a chance to revisit comics I loved, artists I have revered, and talk to my kids about comics and the characters they get on their napkins (30 minutes later and my kids still don’t care for Dr. Strange).  Unfortunately it did not help in the long term with not making lunches (my wife catches on quickly) but it has made making their lunches a little more enjoyable.


*Each napkin is drawn by me at my dining room table.  I pull up the covers on my computer and recreate to the best of my ability, what I see on the monitor.  It is my way to honor the creators I have loved for a long time and ensure that for the time being, my kids and their friends think I’m cool.

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*the making of Lunch Napkins

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