Are your kids bathing too much?

Knowledge is Power.

Ignorance is Bliss.

Somewhere between those two cliches is where I want to be.

Information is everywhere. Too much knowledge can make you crazy. You worry about everything. I remember when my wife was pregnant with our first she constantly consulted the infamous What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I quickly renamed this book, What to Fear and Loathe During Pregnancy. It’s actually an excellent resource. Too good.

The flip-side to all this information: parenting experts. They’re not just in the media; they’re in waiting rooms, grocery store line-ups, coffee shops, staff rooms, everywhere! Often you don’t need to call on one of these experts for advice because they’re giving it to you before you ask, whether you intended to or not. I don’t mind a helpful maven because the heart is in the right place; however, most experts I’ve encountered are the judgmental, fear-mongering types. “Oh! You give your kids multivitamins?! Did you know…”

In the line to purchase my groceries the other day I overheard a new mother receiving child bathing advice from a parenting expert, the clerk. The mother had baby wash in amongst her groceries and therefore received a lecture on why she shouldn’t bathe her kids too often. Granted she made some valid points but the mom didn’t ask for this advice. Now she has one more thing to worry about.

All these bubbles are probably bad for my kids' skin.

All these bubbles are probably bad for my kids’ skin.

Are your kids bathing too much?

Now that I’ve asked you’re probably wondering if they are. If you’re really concerned, ask your physician. Better yet, consult a dermatologist. I’m being facetious. Your doctor will probably tell you what common sense would. Unless your child has some sort of skin disorder, I doubt you would be given a referal to see a dermatologist. If you’re determined to know, I found an excellent guide to bathing from the American Academy of Dermatology.

When all else fails, remember what Mr. David Stanley said, “Your kid’ll be fine. Really.


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  1. Too funny, and spot-on, too. How about Mr. Bubble?

    • Thanks David. I’ve hadn’t seen that commercial before. I like the name.

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