Adjusting The Sibling To Newborn Baby

IMG_6385_smMid December we welcomed our newborn baby daughter into the world. Her arrival is a miracle by itself, another story for another post, and was unexpected. Not a whoops per se, just shocked that it actually happened after being told by ‘experts’ is was impossible. Now that she’s here our 5 year old son is no longer the king of the castle and the center of mom and dad’s world anymore. The transition over the last two months has been challenging. Up to the delivery his behavior has shifted from a model student in his kindergarten class to one of the trouble makers. Getting more sad face reports than smilies. Talking back, acting out, defiant as he began adjusting to the change.

She is 3 weeks old now and although some of his actions are getting better we are still struggling with how to get him to understand that he needs to be more independent and mom and dad sometimes can’t drop whatever we’re doing and put him front and center. A few days ago he threw out ‘Why does dad love her more than me?’ card. I can’t lie and say that didn’t hurt to the core.

From a relationship standpoint he adores his baby sister, loves her to death and wants to help out in everyday he can. However,  to get him to go play by himself for a little bit, color, or work on a craft project for any amount of time just isn’t happening. I almost think it would have been easier if he was younger. It will take time and there’s a concern with mom and dad to not allow this to grow more than it has that could extend beyond a few weeks.

Without spoiling him and balancing independence without making him feel ignored those that have multiple children I am sure can relate. What have others done with their number two or number three child and their older ones? What other challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

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