Tanya Marie Harris … Juggling Career and Family

Tanya Marie Harris

If you haven’t heard of Tanya Marie Harris yet, you will.  Recently I had the pleasure to make her acquaintance via Twitter. Many of us use Twitter these days and probably follow more than a few stars, so I was pleasantly surprised when an up and coming country music sensation started to follow me and interact. After we had a few interactions I realized rather quickly that this young lady truly likes her fans. I checked out her music and realized she is a lyrical force to be reckoned with. I asked her if she would be willing to do an interview with me for the Dads Round Table and to my surprise she said yes

I asked TMH a few questions about her career. The bigger interest for me though is what it is like to be a parent and a county music star.  It is amazing to me how much she has involved her family in her music career. Her daughter has appeared in a music video with her and her husband occasionally travels with her while she is out singing.


When and why did you start playing/singing? Did you start both at the same time?

“I have been singing since I was a toddler. Started with piano in my late teen’s and started writing.  I really didn’t find my voice until I was in my early 20’s though.”

How long have you been married? How old is your daughter? Are you looking at having any more children? 

“Been married since 2007, but my husband Steve and I have been together for 12 years.  We now have a 2 and half year old daughter and at the moment no I am not planning for more children.  But I will never say never lol.  Now that I have her I look at little babies and can see easily having another.”

How do you balance your music with other obligations – husband, children?

“It is always a struggle to balance things out.  Some days the scale tips too far to the left and so the next I try to make up for it.  Luckily I have a very supportive husband.  My parents and in-laws have also really stepped up to help whenever they are needed.  I couldn’t put as much into my career if it weren’t for all of them.”

What does your husband think about your traveling? What does your daughter think? Do they travel with you all the time or on occasion?

“It’s funny you ask.  My producers in Nashville Kelly Schoenfeld and John Dwinell made a big deal out of it.  Saying they just couldn’t wait to meet the man who lets his wife go gallivanting all over the place.  Abby doesn’t always travel with me but when she does she is an amazing little trooper and family is always there for her.”

What was it like working your daughter on the set of your new hit video “Second Hand Dreams”?

“Well since she is my baby girl I know how to get her to do things.  So knowing that we wanted her to run to me in the video we had to first off distract her with colouring so that I could step out of sight for a bit.  Then when we were all set I stepped out and called her name and she ran directly to me in one take!  It was a long hot day though so she was off to my Mom’s for a nap by midday.”

As a working mom in music does the experience feel different to you than what you hear from other non-parents in music and other parents in music?

“I think that all working parents no matter the industry hold onto guilt regularly.  The guilt of being away and or working on projects when we could be at home spending time with our children.  It does however make coming home a beautiful experience each time. And the time we do spend together is quality and focused. I can’t say how it would be for someone without kids.”

What has been one of the funniest experiences you have had traveling with your family and doing music? What has been one of the worst?

“Last summer I was headlining at the Dresden Jamboree and my Husband and Daughter were with me.  I was up on stage when I noticed people in the crowd reacting sweetly to something to my right.  I looked over and they were all looking at my husband carrying my daughter while she was eating the largest slice of watermelon I had ever seen.  Too big for an adult I’d even say.  Her eyes were huge as she smiled and took a massive bite.  Everyone was laughing because the slice was honestly almost as big as she was at the time.”

Do you plan down time into your travel schedule?

“I had a good couple weeks off for the Holidays to visit family and relax.  But as the season moves forward so do I. Working every weekend.  I do however make sure to black out important dates such as a best friends’ wedding or family event.  That is all part of keeping the balance. Knowing that there are some things in life that shouldn’t be missed even for work.”

When you get a family time what do you like to do?

“We like to go for walks together and watch movies.  Movies mostly to watch our daughter copy everything she see’s.  Right now she is hooked on Despicable me 2 and does a lot of the actions along with it.  She is more entertaining than the movie.”

What is your fondest memory of your daughter and music?

“I can say that it is just being at home singing in the kitchen.  She insists on being in my arms while I do no matter how forceful my voice becomes.  She also loves to hold a microphone up to my mouth.”

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists out there that have family?

“Remember that family comes first and everything else is secondary.  Your family is your team and deserve your time.”


You can check out more about Tanya Marie Harris below.



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