How to Survive Being a New Dad

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After a few years and two kids, I can see a big difference in being a new dad and a more experienced one. Every time I hear of someone being a new dad, it seems they have that subtle look of panic on their face. Being a dad in today’s society means not only being a good provider and protector, but also preparing your children for this new age world we live. So here are a few tips I have made for new dads to keep their sanity.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself
I wanted to cover the most important tip I can give first. Keep up with your needs as well as your children’s. Most dad’s want to be the best they can be, but there should be a limit to how much you sacrifice. Be prepared to loose sleep, miss out on plans, and for most parents be much tighter on funds for the first few years (if not from now on out). But keep in mind you want to be around for a majority of your child’s life. So over stressing yourself, refusing help, and taking on all the responsibility may be more damaging then you realize. Feed yourself well, and don’t miss opportunities for exercise and sleep. If you burn up your energy and patience in the first year, the next 18 or so will be much rougher.

It’s Okay To Need A Break
Watching children can be severely stressful and overwhelming at times for even the best Grandma. So don’t be ashamed if you feel you really need a break. Not only is it good for you to take time off, but it is good for your kids social skills. Being with other family members or groups of kids help promote social skills, and if they don’t develop that, you may never get a break.

Being Proactive Can Save Stress and Time
Not to freak anyone out, but anything can happen with kids. You can’t be prepared for it all, but knowing you have prepared for certain situations can save stress and worry in the long run. Keeping a packed spare diaper bag, easier to handle on-the-road items, and emergency kits can make you a big difference on time and safety. I believe every parent should be ready to hit the road with their family in less than 5 mins.

Don’t Change Who You Are, Become a Better You
When my first child was born, I thought that was it for my games and comics. Not true. You may have to work harder to have your own time, but you should. Keeping your own style and taste is a way to reflect a good message to your kids, that you don’t have to be something else. If you think you are too lazy or irresponsible, you should fix it, but keep in mind that is not actually you. I actually believe having kids let’s you get back to the innocence and youth in yourself, and you will teach each other how to enjoy life.

Don’t Compare With Other Families
Do not worry about the Jones family, be concerned about your family. No families are alike, and not all life styles are meant for certain people. You have to find what makes your crew happy, because not all kids are the same. Also, if you want to be like another, your kids may think they aren’t good enough as they are either.

MAKE Time to Be a Family
No matter how much more important work, friends, or other situations may be, nothing is actually more important than quality time. No matter what it is, it is important to build enough bonding to prepare for a life time. If too much work and entertainment is between you and your kids at first, it may only get worse in time. There is more beauty in being a parent than most realize, and I would hate for anyone to miss those golden moments.



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