The Only Time Kids Cry

IMG_3455Carter was having another successful day on the soccer field.  His team was winning (they are currently undefeated and Carter hasn’t lost in two years) and he had two goals and a bunch of game changing defensive plays.  It was a physical game.  He was getting pushed around by kids that are slightly bigger than he is and knocked to the ground on more than one occasion.  Not once did he fall to the ground with a sad little face and burst into tears.  He toughed it out and the team went on to win yet again.

He’s tough.  Or so it would seem.

After he got his post game juice box and a container of Pringles he noticed dirt on his hands.  He began to cry.  My son, the soccer star who just scored two goals and had mud all over his knees and shin guards was now crying that he had dirt on his hands.  He wasn’t just complaining that his hands were a little dirty, we were now in full blown meltdown mode.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

But then it got me thinking about something, would this boy be crying right now if someone else had picked him up from the game?  What if Nanny or Aunt Tracy was the one to drive him home?  Would these hysterics exist?  The answer is most certainly no.

Everywhere I look I see kids crying.  At the mall, at the soccer field, at the grocery store, even at the doctors office kids let the tears flow.  They really love to let it out when they want to.  It’s never a little whimper either.  It always has to be a giant scene full of drama that you would only see on one of those daytime soap operas.  The end of the world is happening right before our eyes.

While I see those kids crying, I also see PARENTS standing right next to them having no idea what just happened or what they could possibly do to stop it. There is always one constant when it comes to kids crying:


Think about it.  I have never had anyone else’s kids cry in front of me.  And thank God for that, because I get enough of it from my own.

Anyone want to trade every now and then?



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