The Boys of Summer


Baseball topped this years summer list

Now that the boys are back in school, I’m left thinking about where the summer went.

Every year it’s the same thing; we cram as much as we possibly can into the 10 or so weeks from the time school lets out to the time to the time they go back. But then I’m left thinking that we could have done more.  Don’t get me wrong, we did a lot. While I should be focusing on that, I always take the time to focus on what we missed.

While there were plenty of baseball games, there were no fireflies. We went to France, but we didn’t go camping. We went to the beach, but we never dug a hole.  There is so much that we did, but also so much that didn’t do.


How many kids get to learn to skip rocks here?

We went to France and we taught the boys how to skip rocks underneath a centuries old Roman aqueduct.  It’s an amazing memory that I will never forget. I mean usually these sort of things are done in the calm waters of a pond with weeping willows nearby, not in Provence.  But while we had the chance to visit this amazing place, we didn’t get to the little pond to perfect our technique.

IMG_1043We went to the baseball Hall of Fame.  My oldest son Tyler is obsessed with the history of baseball now.  He’s read books about Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, and Satchel Page. He probably knows more now than I do. We spent the early portion of the summer road tripping to Washington, DC to watch a few baseball games.  While it was a fun trip, we missed out on peak firefly season.  Not once this summer did we go out and try to catch the little buggers.  Is this something that the kids will even care about next summer?

IMG_0028We went to the fair and saw a car show.  The boys were amazed by some of these old cars (not the 1980’s Monte Carlo though – that’s not quite classic enough).  While we were there though we only went on one ride.  We went to other amusement parks, but this was the fair.  It only happens once a year. Did we do enough there to make them want to come back?

I enjoyed the summer and I know that the boys did too.  Truth is that they did more than most kids their age, but was it enough? It’s a question that haunts me as the boys get older.

And it’s a question that I will ask myself at the end of the fall, the winter, and the spring.



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