The Day I Thought Our Son Was Going To Die


To put you at ease right off the bat, our son was fine in the end. It was one of the scariest days I have had as a parent and I want to share it with you. The following story is how I remember it, so if anyone (my wife) feels I forgot something, my apologizes.

The day I thought our son was going to die.

It was late November, 2010. Our son Harrison was just over a year old and starting to eat everything in sight. You remember that age. As you are eating your food, you keep giving your kids some to see what they do. Nothing wrong with that right?

For some time, we had been giving our son Cheerios and of course he loved them. What’s not to love? To this day, cereal is one of his favorite food groups.

So on this random weekday in November as we were having a normal morning before both my wife and I head to work, I was enjoying a bowl of Froot Loops.  Pretty healthy stuff.

This was one of those special boxes that had a blue loop that was supposed to be blueberry or grape or something. It really just tasted like sugar.

As my wife and I were eating our cereal and Harrison was sitting in his high chair watching, I decided for whatever reason to give Harrison a Froot Loop. My wife gave me a quick look of disapproval but I did it anyways.

It was even one of the special blue ones. Big day for my kid I was thinking.  Harrison of course grabbed it and stuffed it in his mouth. No big deal. Then things got real fast.

Harrison started having problems breathing and he was clearly very uncomfortable. Did the loop get stuck? This has happened with rice crackers before and our son has always figured it out, or the cracker simply just dissolved.  We waited to see if things just fixed themselves.

They did not. He was getting very uncomfortable and was crying. We just kept looking at each other in silence hoping the other would have a plan.

We took turns walking with him and seeing if burping would help. Nothing. He was angry, uncomfortable and still having trouble breathing. This was slowly breaking our hearts cause we could not help or figure out what was wrong.

Then we started throwing the word “Emerg” around. Should we go? Will it pass.  After a few more minutes, Harrison was clearly getting worse. He was even starting to drift in and out.  That scared us.

This was our first “parenting” moment of absolute terror. It was 8 am, we were supposed to be heading to work, to take care of our busy days and now this. We finally just called it. We were heading to emergency as fast as we could. This situation was going south fast.


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  1. Oh dear God, I can’t imagine the stress you were all under! Trust me, I wouldn’t be able to eat blue (albeit innocent) froot loops after either!

  2. Wow, this sounds so scary and terribly stressful. Thank G-d, it had a happy ending – even though colored fruit loops are out.

  3. Yikes. And beyond the lesson of blue fruit loops, hopefully people also learn that they’re not supposed to drive to the hospital in an emergency like that–calling 911 and having the ambulance come over is always better. It’s great that you had a specialist who knew what she was talking about at the hospital–it’s not always the case.

  4. Amanda says:

    Oh my dear God. I cant even imagine. My toddler has had some issues with his bowels. Ive -To this day- never felt such deep sobs from a child held against my chest. It was terrifying and gut wrenching. Fortunately it passed without medical intervention, and he hasn’t had too much trouble since (We found out he is allergic to cows milk, which causes constipation) Im glad your lil man is ok!! Cant even comprehend the terror you must’ve felt.

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