Father’s Day: A Celebration of Something I Actually Accomplished

fatherCelebrating my birthday is cool, but end of the day, what’s really there?

What did I actually do for such recognition besides exist?  At this point in my life, recognizing my birthday is basically a celebration of my ability to keep myself alive and for remembering how to breathe.  It’s different for kids who count their age by the halves, but for adults, it’s just an evil, climbing number that we could all just as much do without.

After birthdays, pretty much every other holiday or day of celebration is either about a mythical figure, a time-honored tradition, remembering the sacrifices of Americans, or recognizing significant events or people in US history.  But not Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is about me, about something that I actually accomplished.

This isn’t meant to sound selfish as my hope is to convey why Father’s Day carries such a unique feeling for myself, and I have to imagine, for most other dads.  It’s about something significant and meaningful that I did, but more accurately, something I’m in the middle of doing and will be doing so for the rest of my life.  Along with my wife, who definitely did the lion’s share of work, we created life.


Before I was a father I lived in very close-knit lake community.  Close by proximity of our houses and close in friendships with our neighbors.  For the 5 years I lived in this community my neighbors were nothing short of family and I’ll always be a lake person because of this.  I remember one Father’s Day where all of the wives cooked a huge meal for their husbands and served it to them lakeside on picnic tables.  I thought this was the coolest thing.  It was also an eye opener for me to see this group of wives, often critical of their significant others, or in the least, very liberal with their eye rolls towards them, treat their males with such reverence on this particular day.

The following year it was my turn and the day didn’t disappoint.

I’m hesitant to talk about how I celebrated my first Father’s Day, because this is about what I felt on that day.  The feeling was that this was not just a celebration of another year of me being on this planet, but rather of a significant accomplishment achieved with the love of my life.  An achievement that has a foundation in love and dedication; terms and conditions of which have no end.

I’m a father for life and have certain responsibilities and requirements expected of me for the rest of my days.

I’m a father, and I humbly accept and appreciate the praise showered upon me on this particular day.


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