10 Reasons Camping with Family Might Not Be as Awful as it Sounds

I am a woman with vivid memories of camping with my family as a child. Sunburnt days that seemed to go on forever…filled with raucous laughter, drippy ice cream cones, and eternally wet swimsuits. I loved every last moment of camping…even the ones filled with scraped knees, bee stings, and freak wind storms that nearly stole our tent in the night.


I have recently entertained the idea of taking my husband and son camping one day soon. Those warm memories tend to feel much further away when I start to consider the logistics involved…and the harsh reality of so many everyday luxuries no longer being at our First World fingertips.

But, in an effort to pull myself up by my hiking bootstraps, I have decided to compile a list…to convince myself that camping with the next generation is something that I should seriously start considering…before video-game-itis steals my little boy away forever…

10 Reasons that Camping with your Family Might Not Actually be as Awful as it Sounds…In Theory Anyway

1. Cooking and serving your family hot dogs every day for both lunch and dinner is not only considered an acceptable parenting practice, but it’s basically encouraged!

hot dog on a paper plate

2. Not showering for a few days doesn’t make you a social pariah. It makes you “beachy” looking and smelling. Mmmmm…

3. Should you choose to wash off the stink of the day, the lake is considered a viable option. Bonus: No gallons of water to mop up after your kids exit said “bath”. Splashing is totally cool here.

4. Disposable dishes. Enough said.

5. Laundry Schmaundry. Bring on the bathing suits…that you’ll eventually peel off at the end of your trip. Insert the occasional jeans and a hoodie, and you’re good to go. Camping is really the only time that you can show up at the local convenience store wearing nothing by sandals and swimwear and not be given a second look. Well, camping areas and Wal-mart stores everywhere…


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  1. My son and I love camping… still trying to get the wife out with us. You couldn’t be more right, the memories are thick when camping is involved. Perhaps it’s the slower pace and fewer distractions that create a perfect environment for capturing every moment.

  2. Shay says:

    Daytime drinking! Daytime drinking is my FAVORITE reason! Haha. Love the post, Jen!

  3. Brad the Dad says:

    My camping weekend with my family (cousins et al) at end of this month is my favorite weekend of the year. I love your list and I’m totally an unshowered vagabond by the end of our trip. We “shower” in the river and it’s freeeezing!! Day drinking, check. Meaningful convos, check check. Great stuff, Jen.

  4. This list is both hilarious and poignant. We live at our favorite lake every summer and as soon as we’re heading home I am already wishing we were heading back to the lake instead. Our lake life is much more like Glamping than camping, but your list still applies.

  5. After three days of no soap everyone just smells like mud and woodfire smoke, anyway. It’s those first couple that’ll lay yer nose low… I can’t wait to until my littles are old enough to take into the woods… I even intend to bring them back and not leave them to be raise by coyotes…

  6. Don’t forget the opportunity to set stuff on fire! I was never allowed to sit around the living room with my family and watch flammable substances go up in smoke, but put that living room outside? Golden. In my late teens I worked at a conservation area as a lifeguard/outhouse cleaner – best job ever – and I can tell you from that experience that I was not the only person to do fire-related science experiments while camping. We found all kinds of stuff in firepits, especially things related to the night time part of the daytime drinking…

  7. I SO want to feel you on this post, Jen. However, I’d rather lick the blue thing in the port-a-potty than spend my time off camping. I was TORTURED EVERY SUMMER by my father as we lived at KOA’s. If I pitched my tent, I had cover. If not, too bad for me! I have had enough of yucky bathrooms, spiders and mosquito bites to last me the next three eternities. I hate hot dogs now. I *might* let my kids sleep on the trampoline – as long as I can fall asleep in a bed. I will never camp again. Unless you count staying at a 3 star hotel “camping” – which I do. Because I’m snobby like that. Points for honesty?

  8. Great list! Brings back a lot of memories. I had actually forgotten about those scary midnight trips to the bathroom!

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