Guessing Sex

Congratulations!  So… are you going to find out?

We found out.  Both times.  I can’t stand suspense and my wife needs to be prepared.  As soon as the ultrasound revealed gender, we painted the nursery, my wife made the bedding and decorations, and the name hunt began.  We felt the small margin of error in identifying sex was a risk we were willing to take in order to have all our ducks in a row.

Guessing Sex

In my experience, most parents don’t find out and if they do, they don’t tell anyone.  This got me thinking.

  • If you can find out, why wouldn’t you?  
  • If you did find out, why would you keep that information to yourself?

Here are my theories:

Guessing the sex is fun.  Furthermore, keeping people guessing is fun.  For the first few months before we knew, we’d talk about it every night.  When we found out, we let people guess for a while because it was fun to hear their reasoning.  Eventually, we just let the cat out of the bag.

It’s tradition.  Being able to identify gender before deliver is a fairly new development in becoming a parent.  Having the doctor or nurse present you with your baby with, “It’s a boy! or It’s a girl!” is part of the experience.  Just so you know, even if the doctor already knows you know, they still say it.

Ultrasound Image can reveal Gender


Did you find out the sex of your baby?  Why or why not?



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  1. We always find out. We knew who was making their appearance with the first two and we will find out on this third wiggler. There are so many other things left up to chance…. why add one more? And we always tell EVERYONE as soon as we know because… well, because Great Grandma needs to know what color of bunting bag to knit, Grandma needs to know what colors to splurge on at Carter’s, and how am I supposed to pick out the perfect blankets and crib-crap if my only color choices are green and yellow? I don’t even LIKE yellow…..

  2. Nick Downey says:

    We found out with our first because it was all a little overwhelming and knew we needed everything. It turned out great, we had a name picked out and pink blankets and toys and everything was perfect. With our second, we said ‘we have all the big stuff, if we need to change some colors we’ll be ok’. Unfortunately, we felt fairly sure it was a girl, and thus had our son had no name for 3 days and he wore lots of yellow and green (because they could go either way) for the first three months. We will definately find out our next one.

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