D.I.Y. Comics for Kids

I created this fun and easy activity as a writing project for my Grade 3 students. You could easily try this with your kids at home. I chose dragons for my comics but you can use any character you can create.

Dragon ate the Easter Bunny

All you need is:

  • white paper
  • lined paper
  • pencil and eraser
  • scissors
  • fine and a medium tipped markers
  • digital camera
  • Google Picasa or a similar photo software

Step 1: Create Characters

  • Sketch your character in pencil on white paper.
  • Go over main lines with your medium marker.
  • Go over fine lines with your fine marker.
  • Cut out your character.

Simple characters that are about the size of your hand work very well

Draw Your Dragon then Outline It

The more characters you make, the more comics you can create.

Create Several Dragons

Remember your characters are re-usable so once you create a character you’re really proud of, you can use it over and over again.

Step 2: Choose Characters for your Comic

  • Go through your characters and find a pair you think will work well together.

Choosing Dragons and Thinking of Conversation

Step 3: Create Dialogue

  • Think about what your characters are going to say to each other.
  • Write down your dialogue ideas on lined paper using a pencil.
  • Draw a speech bubble around the words you are going to use.
  • Go over the letters and speech bubble with marker.
  • Cut out the speech bubble.

Creating Speech Bubbles

Step 4: Create a Scene

  • Set your characters and the speech bubble(s) into a scene. DO NOT glue them down or they won’t be re-usable. 
  • Photograph the scene.
  • Load the photograph onto your computer.

Pre Production Dragon

Step 5: Process and Publish

Using Google Picasa or a similar photo editing software:

  • Crop the photo so the scene is front and center.
  • Use one of the cool effects to give your comic a finished look.  I use Holga-ish.

Dragon Eats Vegetarians


Dragon eats his friend



Dragon eats Knight Raw



The Beginning
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  1. swpax says:

    This is a great activity. My son, Mr 9, loves comics! I try to foster it in any way I can, and I look forward to adding this to the repertoire. I may start him in a blog this summer to share his comics and stories along with my daughter, Ms 7, who also loves writing stories and comics. Are you aware of the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, a graduate school for cartoon arts and production? Mr 9 says he plans to go there. Might be a cool reference to add to your lesson for kids to see it as a legitimate career path, ever more so as visual literacy is increasingly utilize across industries to communicate ideas. Thanks for sharing this.

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