Good Old-Fashioned Christmas Concert

The Good Old-Fashioned Christmas Concert.  Most of the kids “singing” end up just moving their lips while the ones who love singing do their best to keep up with that kid who shouts the lyrics as quickly as possible while the teacher attempts to conduct the train-wreck performance.

Parents love the Christmas Concert because they like to see their little star shine on stage.  They like the sense of community that comes with being in the gym with all the other families.  For an hour they shut out the discomfort of sitting on folding chairs and activate their rose-colored hearing-enhancers that turn the cat-killing sounds of the student orchestra into a harmonious symphony and the multi-key, multi-tempo classroom vocal performances into the hauntingly beautiful sounds of an Austrian Choir.


The Winter Carnival or Holiday Party.    Many schools have replaced the traditional Christmas Concert with a carnival or party.  Parent and teacher committees plan and host the event.

At the concert, kids entertain.  At the carnival, kids are entertained.


What does your school community do?

Which do you prefer?




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  1. I prefer the smile you put on my face after reading a line like this and wanting more of this for all of us: “They like the sense of community that comes with being in the gym with all the other families.”

    • James Hudyma says:

      This is a hot topic in our community as many schools are going away from the concert and doing carnivals instead. Although preparing for the concert is very stressful and time-consuming for me as a teacher, I still see a ton of value in the Good Old-Fashioned Christmas Concert.

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