A Dad in the Classroom: My Heart Just… Broke

There’s no way as a parent I can imagine sending my young child off to school and not have them come back. As a teacher, there’s no way I can imagine going into work and changing from teacher mode into rescue mode; swooping and saving kids from the halls and having them follow directions without divulging the truth or the gravity of the situation.


These kids become more than just our students.  They become a part of us, and we become a part of them.  It was not only my own children on my mind as the radio airwaves were flooded with the reports of this tragedy, but also my students.  We love the kids we work with; they feel like family.  You watch them grow, and they grow on you.

As a dad and a teacher, this is my moment of silence and reflection on the teachers and students who were effected by what happened in Connecticut.






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  1. Nick says:

    thx for the post JB. I know that myself and coworkers were thinking a similar sentiment about our students. They are extensions of our family because of the amount of time they spend with us on a daily basis and impacts on their lives impact ours.

  2. It is heartbreaking.

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