A Dad Moment

A Dad MomentI remember it so clearly. It was two minutes of peace during bath time. After a full day, my wife and I started bathing our 7-month old daughter. After washing her, we would normally whisk her away to dry her, change her, feed her, and put her to bed.

But that evening was different. Something inside of me told me to stop. So after washing her, my wife and I paused for a moment. I sat on the floor of our bathroom and watched my baby play happily with her rubber ducky. I remember looking around and thinking to myself, “I’m so glad I’m a dad.” For those two minutes I didn’t do anything and just enjoyed being a dad.

That night was the last night there would be any peaceful baths for a long time.

For some reason unknown to me, our baby developed a fear of baths the next day. Every time we bathed her she would cry at the top of her lungs (it’s amazing how a small little baby can have such a loud voice). We started to dread bath time so much that we decided that baths only needed to happen every other day… and then every third day.

Since that experience, I’ve decided to pause from time to time to enjoy the “I’m glad I’m a dad” moments during the day. A picnic with my daughter in the park. Eating breakfast together early in the morning. Watching her clap her hands and laugh. Because I never know if that moment will ever happen again.

What’s one of your “I’m glad I’m a dad” moments?

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  1. James Hudyma says:

    This post fits perfectly with your “cheerful pessimism”. I agree; you do have to enjoy those moments because you never know when it’ll be the last time.

  2. AskAGreatDad says:

    I feel you, our daughter will absolutely love one activity or food, and the next day despise it. It’s been difficult for us to find a food that she loves to eat all the time except strawberries and cookies.

  3. The biggest one to date for me was watching my 5yo read to the 2yo for the first time. Part, ridiculous pride in the fact that big bro can read, part pure joy of watching little bro absolutely captivated by such. My heart has never swelled as much as it did at that moment.

    More recently has been ice skating with my 5yo and watching how much the free skate we do together on Sundays translates to how much better he is doing in his clinic on Mondays. Time spent together doing something we both love with the added bonus of knowing I’m helping him further develop his skills.

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