The Dark Side of the Sandbox

Every time our kids come home from the playground,

There is sand in their shoes,

Sand in their pockets,

Sand in their underwear,

Sand in their EVERYWHERE!

Sandbox sand isn’t ordinary sand.  It laughs at vacuum cleaners as it uses its black magic powers to cling to the floor, slowly covering every surface in the home.  Every parent has stared in disbelief at the gritty sludge at the bottom of the tub that just won’t go down the drain no matter how many times you swoosh the water over it.  Sandbox sand has turned to the Dark Side of the Force.

Although I hate the evil aftereffects of sandbox sand, not installing one would be a crime against all that is good in a child’s upbringing.  So the planning began and in the process I made an amazing discovery.

What did you do at preschool today?

We sang, painted a picture, and I got to play at the sand table.

Sand table?  But sand isn’t everywhere?  How could this be?

Off to the lumberyard I went and 2 hours later my kids were playing in a sand table.  Sand stays in the table except for a few grains that sneak in on the sleeves.  Jedi.

Jedi Sand Table



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  1. I wish that we could do something like this for our raised garden beds! 

  2. ManvDadhood says:

    What a great way to keep the sand out climbing into every crack and crevice on your child’s body. I guess the next step would be to install one of those showers you usually see in Chemistry classrooms.

    • JamesHudyma says:

       @ManvDadhood good idea.

  3. What a great idea! You have conquered the Dark side!  I wonder if this will create a disturbance in the force that will cause further distribution of foot-finding Legos or DVR-destroying green army guys.
    I’d say I want one of these, too, but I’m afraid another one might have cataclysmic results!

    • JamesHudyma says:

       @gina valley The Dark Side is always lurking.  

  4. NigglyNoo says:

    That looks like one amazing sand table. I would have loved one of those as a kid!

    • JamesHudyma says:

      @NigglyNoo My kids love it and we love having less mess.

  5. Brilliant!  Patent this idea, stat.  I like the step rail the best.
    On a similar note, our new local playground came equipped with this rubber mulch stuff.  While noble in its intent, the fact is that there is no longer any rubber at the bottom of of the slides, and if you think sand clings to your children and finds its way into your house, you haven’t seen anything yet.  This stuff is everywhere!  The added bonus?  From afar the little pieces look like bugs.  So here I come from across the room with a fly swatter and/or tissue in hand, ready to pounce on the little house invader, only to find it’s an inanimate piece of rubber.  Curses!

    • JamesHudyma says:

      @readbradthedad The step rail was an invention of necessity.  I made the table too tall and that was an easier solution than cutting down all the legs.
      I’ve seen that rubber mulch but haven’t seen its dark side… yet.

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