There is something that is almost inevitable being a father.  Even though we here at Dads Round Table are out to change the stereotype there are just somethings that we can not change.

Stupid things happen when kids are left with dads.

Just the other day for example, my wife uttered the words that will forever stay in my head

What is our son doing with a screwdriver?

Sure, it could have been worse.  He could have had a knife, a sledge hammer, chain saw, or nail gun.  All of which are stored safely in the garage.  There was a reason why I had left the screwdriver out in the first place.

I was fixing his crib in the hopes that maybe he would not wake up at night when he moved around.  It failed if you are wondering.  After tightening a few screws (queue Tim Taylor “Har Har Har”) I just placed the screwdriver up on a bookshelf.  I thought it was a safe place and out of reach of our little two year old hand’s.

My wife was making cookies for me at the time.  Well they were not really for me they were for my boss on Boss’s Day.   She was deep into her Law school studies while the cookies were baking and I was in charge of the Kid.  I had taken just a brief moment from the running around to hop on the computer and check twitter and Facebook.

Damn you social media addiction.

Suddenly there is a crash.  My wife looks up and asks if everyone is ok.  I start to walk out from the office as the Kid is walking around the corner of the couch carrying the screwdriver that I had left up on the top shelf of the bookshelf.  That is when my wife said…

What is our son doing with a screwdriver?

I look over at the bookshelf and see no visible damage and reach over to yank the tool from the Kid’s hands.  Queue two year old tantrum and a dad feeling bad that he left his son out of his sight for just a couple of minutes.

This is something that happens to us dads.  When things happen that your kid is put in “danger” everyone looks to the dad.  Was I trying to be neglectful? No, but dads are the ones that let their children take risks and push their boundaries.   As a result, dads are more susceptible to the “why is our kid with that” question.   Just remember that it is because we are involved and the child was never in any real danger… we would never want that.


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  1. “No, but dads are the ones that let their children take risks and push their boundaries.”
    And to expand on that, it’s not like we do it in a conscious way all the time.  We aren’t like, “Grunt, grunt, me male and leave screwdriver in reach.  Teach kid lesson.  Make strong.”  There is definitely a line between leaving a butcher knife within reach and a screwdriver.  A line that I’m confident we all know and would NEVER cross.  But as you approach that line, yeah, there are some grey areas.  Sometimes we let our kids wander into those grey areas consciously, sometimes subconsciously.

  2. @readbradthedad Right I didn’t do this knowing that he would pick it up.  We just do not think about the danger coming from some of our actions.   Sometimes I put my Kid in situations just for blog posts though! HAHA! OK no I don’t because that’s just mean.

  3. Y’all usually get the blame if they’re dressed funny or their hair is done weird, too.


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