Daddy-Time Bank Account

One of my favorite comedians is Gerry Dee.  I love his comedy because I can relate to his material.  We’re both parents, Canadian, and he used to be a teacher.

Gerry does a bit about a guy’s point system.  In the routine he talks about how guys do things to please their wife or partner in order to earn guy time.   At one point his buddy asks if he can go to Vegas and Gerry says he doesn’t have enough points for Vegas but he does have enough to go for a bike ride.  Priceless.



Most of my guy friends are dads, so guy-time for me is daddy-time.  What’s the difference?

  • We don’t stay out too late because we have morning responsibilities.
  • We always choose to hang-out on an uneventful weeknight after the kids are in bed.
  • We go somewhere fairly small and quiet.
  • Most importantly, we keep it simple and consequence-free.


How do you spend your Daddy-Time?  

How do you spend your Mommy-Time?


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