The [Expletive] Dad Nod

Today was my daughter’s first of many experiences with organized sports.  She started soccer for the first time today, and I happened to know one of her coaches, and enjoy the other (future blog post coming on them).  Anyways, about halfway through practice some young teenage boys showed up to the area next to the field and began playing a game of touch football.  There was nothing wrong with that; these boys were not what I would have described a degenerates or delinquents.  However, I kept hearing expletives coming from them.

Now, they weren’t cussing up a storm, and it wasn’t wildly upsetting, but my daughter is right there, and an expletive would pop off out of frustration here and there.  The moms on my right were chatting away and my son and I were enjoying snacks and a break from kicking the ball back and forth, so I decided to walk over to the boys and say the following,

“Excuse me.  Would you mind watching the expletives while there are young kids around?”

The boy was apologetic and compliant.  In fact, I heard the other boys asking what I said as I walked away.  On my way back to sit down, I caught the eye of another dad watching his son or daughter practicing.  He gave me the “Thank you for saying something, because they were annoying me, and I wouldn’t have sad it as nice as you just did” head nod.  To be honest, I said the 4th thing that went through my head with the first being along the lines of, “What the #^&! are you doing cussing around these little kids like a bunch of #@%$ing idiots?!?!  Get the $&@# outta here or just shut your #*@$ing mouths!!!” That may not have portrayed the capable dad I was trying to make sure I came across ass.  I probably would have received a face-palm instead of the Dad Nod afterwards.

Anyways, the boys let one more word slip out, but they looked over and made the corrections.  Though I’m glad to have addressed some good kids about some minor language used, it was the Nod from the fellow dad that made me feel justified and encouraged to do it again.



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  1. It’s amazing how reasonable people can be sometimes, isn’t it?  
    I’ve done that many times at professional  games when I’ve brought my kids, and by and large the potty mouth offender has always apologized and curbed his vocabulary.  I think most people are willing to do that for kids.
    I had a couple guys give me lip at a hockey game about that once, but several huge guys around them explained that they needed to listen to my suggestion. Always nice to see people do the right thing.

    • ManvDadhood says:

      @gina valley People hold kids in a special (innocent) place in society. They are, and should be, protected from these things.

  2. JamesHudyma says:

    I know that exact nod.  You’re alternatives were pretty funny but you’re right, you probably would’ve sent the wrong message. 

    • ManvDadhood says:

      @JamesHudyma LOL, and my wife thinks I’m more inappropriate than not. 😉

  3. I’ve had the same nod… only when I was out shopping with my wife in a ladies store and another dad who was pushing a stroller around like me nodded at me like “Dude I know how you feel”

  4. Rocky says:

    Which brings about the implied question, when would be a good time to let the kids’ ears be exposed to the real colloquial language of the world?

    • ManvDadhood says:

      Exposure is one thing… Pollution is another.  We are ALL exposed to things, but we should moderate the levels our kids experience and how.  She has heard swearing, but when it gets crazy, it becomes noise pollution. 

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