Dad: Abandoned and Alone

I sit here by myself wondering what happened.

Wondering what happened, and how did it happened so quickly.

Why did it come to this?  Where did I go wrong?

A quick glance at my phone provides a few moments of company, but even that brief interaction won’t fill the void that I have.  I am alone.  I’ve been abandoned.

The high pitched sound of laughter is gone.  The ease of conversation has long since faded away.  The proud looks my wife and I would share when one of the boys said “please” or “thank you” are now but a memory.  I even miss the fighting.  Who had the matchbox car first?  Why is this one’s hand so close to the other one’s arm?  Is it the end of the world or did little brother just eat big brother’s corn?  The very same corn that only moments earlier big brother adamantly declared he wasn’t going to eat.

The good and the bad, I miss it all.

Sure there are times in marriage when I yearn to be alone.  A long day of work followed by a rough commute home often leaves me with a healthy appetite for silence.  Silence often not achieved in our house until well after 9pm.  Silence that is about as close as Antarctica when sitting at the dinner table with two picky eaters.  But now that I have this silence, I find that I really don’t want it.  Grass is always greener, right?

I glance around at my surroundings.

You know how you never really notice car commercials until you are looking to buy a car?  That’s pretty much how I feel at this moment.  Seemingly everyone in my vicinity was with their family.  Carefree and sharing a laugh with loved ones, or parents separating their kids from each other during a minor dust up, smiles on their faces as they shake their heads knowingly.

Me?  I was alone.  Abandoned and alone.

“Your check sir.  Oh my, where did your family go?”

“We had a meltdown, two actually.  Everyone’s in the car.  Thanks, have a good night.”

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  1. It is interesting that I have the same wishes.  All I want is just a bit of silence but when I have it I realize quickly that I do not want it.  When I am out playing with my son I just want to go get on the computer and get caught up on the world.  Then when he is asleep and the wife is studying, I don’t want it.  I want to get interrupted.  It is a strange phenomena 

  2. Maybe this is the “grass is always greener” theory as it applies to families?  There are definitely times when my sons beat me into submission with their endless requests for snacks, play time, coloring, etc… and then I glance around the house and see matchbox cars everywhere, a dog that needs to be walked, garbage that needs to be taken out, etc… and I just want to get away.  But sure enough, once I find myself away from it all, I want it all back.  A strange phenomenon indeed. 

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