Top 3 Ways to Reduce Baby Debt

We are past the baby stage!  Looking back, it was an amazing time but pretty hazy due to sleep deprivation.  Thankfully, I have this blog and thousands of photos and videos to refresh my memory.

With the experience of being a dad to infants behind me, I tried to think of how I could pass a little something on to my readers.  Here is a short list of ways to reduce the financial impact of having babies.

  1. Co-sleeping – I know this is a bit of a hot topic but honestly, imagine how much money we could’ve saved.  No basinette.  No crib.  No special bedding.  No toddler bed.
  2. Prolonged Breastfeeding – Sorry for adding yet another hot button issue but milk can be pricey and formula is really expensive.  Sure you’ll get strange looks when your fully toothed toddler asks for breast milk, but imagine the savings!
  3. Buy Used – New baby stuff is for friends and family to purchase.  If you have to purchase anything for baby, save yourself some bucks and buy used.  Used clothing.  Used toys.  Used cloth diapers – they’ll never know.

$200 dollars worth of poop packages that’ll end up in the landfill. Might as well be wiping our butts with dollar bills!


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  1. daddybriefs says:

    @james We are still in the baby stage and familiar with all the expenses.  We kind of joke around saying we are “baby poor” which means we weren’t poor until we started paying for the kid.  I think my wife and I practice all three or your points and really saved some money in doing so.  On my blog, I ran a little mini-series about saving money while we were in the preparing for our new arrival.  Here is a little blurp I wrote about buying used.

    • JamesHudyma says:

       @daddybriefs  Baby Poor.  That’s a good one.  I’ve used House Poor before but I’m going to be adding that one for sure.
      Thanks for sharing your post.  It never hurts to get tips on how to save money because as any parent knows, money saved here is more to spend there.

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