How to keep us showing up on Facebook

Hey, guys and gals.

If you use Facebook, you know how much they LOOOOOOOVE to fix what was never broken to begin with.

Frustrating, isn’t it? It is for us.

Anyway, we want to make sure that you continue to see us in your timeline. Facebook is trying to make it to where we have to pay (a lot) for you to do just that. Even though you liked us already! (You did like us already, didn’t you?)

So, if you really enjoy or appreciate what we are trying to do here, please support us by helping us support you. It’s only a few small, very quick steps that will make a huge impact.

Below are screen shots of instructions that ensure you see us in your timeline.

We’ll love you forever if you take the time to do this for us both.

Step 1 – Jump on over to our page on FB

Step 2 – Hover your mouse over the “liked” button


Step 3 – Click on “Show in News Feed” and consider setting up an Interest List


And that’s it! Three easy steps that ensure we stay in your feed so you don’t miss a beat!

Thanks for your continued support. We’ll see you on Facebook and the site.

Why don’t you bring a friend with you?