Best Exercise to Reduce Your Cholesterol

High cholesterol can be deadly. Our bodies need cholesterol to make Vitamin D and cell membranes, but when there is too much cholesterol washing around in our veins and arteries, it becomes a sticky mess and plaques begin to build-up on artery walls. In time, the build-up of plaque will cause blood clots to form, which may trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Reducing cholesterol requires a multi-faceted approach that is in part determined by the underlying reasons why you have high cholesterol. Some people, notably those in high-risk categories, i.e. anyone who has a pre-existing heart condition, will probably need to combine lifestyle changes with some form of cholesterol-reducing medication. Others are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, so a healthy diet combined with plenty of exercise will probably be sufficient to lower the risk of heart attack or stroke. has both great information and arrange of products that can support this.

Exercise to Lose Weight

In all cases, taking regular exercise is a great way to lose weight and lower your cholesterol levels as a result. So what are the best types of exercise that will help you achieve this goal?

Different Types of Exercise

Any exercise is good, but any type of vigorous exercise that raised your heart rate and causes you to sweat is best. Ideally, you should combine cardio workouts with strength exercise, so a trip to the gym for a session involving high intensity cardio and weight lifting would be perfect. However, realistically, this is not going to be right for anyone who is significantly overweight or recovering from a heart attack. In this instance, it is important to start off slowly and build up to a manageable level under close supervision from your doctor.

  • Walking is ideal for anyone who has a weight problem. Start off walking for 20 minutes a day, three times a week. Walk on a treadmill or take the dog out for a walk. Either way, try and keep to a brisk pace instead of ambling along admiring the view.
  • Cycling is good exercise because it can be done at a pace that suits your current level of fitness. It is also a non-weight bearing exercise, so it won’t hurt your joints if you are obese. In fine weather, cycling outdoors is fun, but if the weather is poor, head to the gym and hop on a stationary bike.
  • High intensity workouts are perfect for lowering cholesterol levels. The basic premise is simple: instead of walking for an hour, you do fast, intense blasts of cardio exercise for 30 second intervals, with a short breather in between. Each workout should last for around seven minutes, although you can repeat them once your fitness improves. This type of workout is ideal for anyone who wants to burn calories and lose weight.

A Healthy Lifestyle

The key to success is to choose a type of exercise you enjoy. Unless you are having fun, you won’t stick to it. To maintain healthy cholesterol levels, you need to give your whole lifestyle a complete overhaul. Anything less is not going to work out well for you.


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