How to Treat Man’s Skin During Winter?

Yes! Today, let’s talk a little bit about man’s beauty. Nobody likes dry and sensitive skin, but during winter months, this is the daily problem many men face.

To be fair, taking a good care of yourself and your skin is nothing wrong. In fact, if you use just three simple tricks and add one extra thing into your daily routine during winter, you will be able to enjoy great and healthy skin everybody will envy you! So, maybe it is worth trying out and learning how to treat your manly skin right?


Start moisturizing

Accordingly to the skin type you have, you should buy special skin care products that will normalize and balance your skin quickly.

One of the essential products for you during winter is clearly the right moisturizer. The perfect moisturizer for many skin types is the one with oil-based ingredients inside, rather than the one with water-based ones. The oil in such creams will create a protective layer on every gentleman’s skin that retains more moisture than creams with water-based ingredients.

Also, you should not be shy and moisturize at least two times per day. One time in the morning, preferably after shaving, and the second time just before going to sleep. Including not only your face but the whole body as well!

If you are worried that you won’t be able to find the right moisturizer for you, but you don’t want to ask your lady friend to buy it for you, then your local Target store will help you out for sure! Actually, this department store brand carries a pretty great selection of moisturizers for many different skin types. And if you use some Target’s deals and promos codes from this page, even the most expensive and luxurious moisturizers will be easier to afford. So do a little research and get the best moisturizer for your manly skin!


Avoid hot and steamy showers

Also, wanted to know it or not, but you should try to avoid getting hot and steamy showers for at least a few months during winter. Hot water removes natural protective oils and breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a lack of moisture your skin makes and a dry and itchy skin.

So maybe skip those hot and relaxing baths and better enjoy warm or even lukewarm bath? Or if you can’t stay away from steamy showers then at least limit your bathing time to up to 10 minutes per day. You will get clean during that time without any problem, won’t dry out your skin and still get a steamy shower you need to much.

dadsroundtablecom-56979875db121Avoid smelly soap as well

Many scientists also agree that one of the biggest enemies for a dry skin during winter is actually our beloved and irreplaceable soap. But, to be fair, soap actually dry out skin more than helps it!

The basic rule, in this case, is the nicer soap smells, the more bother it is likely to be for your which. Such soap might strip natural and so needed oils from the skin.

So to avoid that, better choose ordinary and simple soap without any fragrances or even buy one special baby’s soap! Baby’s soaps are created to work right with delicate and sensitive kid’s skin, and that might be what you really need!

What do you do to keep your skin healthy and well-balanced during winter?


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