Keeping Your Sanity in a Money Driven World


Collecting a paycheck is annoying. Collecting a paycheck that allows you to live a financially independent lifestyle is near impossible. In theory, there’s probably another way that doesn’t involve giving into the financial rat race, but none of us will ever see it. Removing the web of money from society would take a catastrophic event and I’m not exactly cheering for that.

So, what do you do? Hoard oil in anticipation of a “Mad Max” type of future? No. There’s really nothing else to do but embrace how it is and make a go of it. And the biggest paycheck doesn’t win, that’s not the message. The message is pretty simple:

Give a shit and be bold.

I usually don’t swear in an article, but the point is lost without it. Caring not only about what you do, but also about what you create, are crucial aspects of enjoying your career. If you want to just punch the clock and do the minimum, you’ll actually do okay out there, but I promise that you’ll be unfulfilled. But if you want to hustle and strive to stand out, create a unique business environment that represents you, you’ll do exactly that.

I know a lot of people have a brain built for art, and often think the corporate world is not for them, but I create abstracts every single day of my business life and more than satisfy the artistic side of my brain. Care about the layout of your office, create a flow and feel that represents you. Care about both the internal and external business relationships that you have, allow them to grow and change and be unique. Care about your work as if you were painting a picture, your attention to detail and creativity will serve you well.

Also, be bold.

By my count I’ve reinvented myself at least twice in my career. Both times because no matter what I tried to do things just felt stale. Today, I’ve found myself in a career that I love with a company that treats me like a professional and allows me to be bold. Not only that, but in an industry that has a ton of opportunity and stability. I told a peer that it feels like “I’ve got the magic in me.” I finally get to create opportunities where they might not have been and influence existing opportunities into versions that are my own.

And this didn’t happen because I stayed at that telemarketing company I used to work for.

Thinking of it like a game helps. Listen, it’s ridiculous, I get it. The social order and associated pay structure as it stands now is completely unfair and broken. You can work to change that, but you need money to make it happen. Even though collecting a paycheck is annoying, you need money to make ends meet. So allow it to be a game and make a go of it. Hustle and be creative and be aware of the things you are passionate about. Chase those passions, and when you catch them, fuel their fires in everything you do.

Money is just the means to an end, so have fun with it.


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