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The penis can be hard to talk about

Not long ago, I read on the Internet about a group of men who had formed an unique Internet support group. A new men’s group- I was intrigued. I needed more data. We all know that 69% of the Internet is complete BS, 26% of the web is porn, and the final 5% is reasonable discourse. No wanting to go off half-cocked, I visited a variety of vetted sources. At the U.K.’s  Daily Mail, I found that “a small but vociferous community of circumcised men is gathering (sic) online forums to discuss methods of foreskin restoration.”

Let me lay it all on the table. I am fond of my circumcised penis. Not overly so, in an Anthony Weiner sort of way, but in an “I’m chill, just hanging out, bro” sort of way.  My sex life with my penis has been fine. In fact, during sex, the issue of a foreskin, yea or nay, has never raised its head. The long and short of it is that no sexual partner has ever seemed less than glad to see my glans.

Truth is, I don’t spend much time contemplating my penis. I spend even less time contemplating whether I’d be happier if it wore a turtleneck.  I’m sure I spent enough time in my adolescent shower to compensate for my relative lack of concern in adulthood. I can urinate whenever I desire; sitting, or standing. My penis is functional. At age 55, that is plenty.

My people have been snipping the tip for 4,000 years. We’ve managed to survive every obstacle thrown at us; from the Pharoahs, to the Inquisition, to the ingestion of chopped liver. Jews are tough. We are survivors. The idea that I am somehow less of a man because I have slightly less of a penis has never occurred to me. The notion that I might be having slightly less pleasure because my penis has slightly less skin is not a blip on my sexual radar. The idea that my self-worth has been shrunken because, when I was eight days old, my parents engaged in an odd and ancient religious ritual, is so far down on my “things to ponder list” that there isn’t a clever “Pinky and the Brain” witticism to describe it.

Fellows, it is your willy. Wash it fast or slow. Hang weights from it. Have it pierced or tatted. Do with it as you wish. What happens behind a closed door between consenting adults, or on your own, is all good.

If you feel that a portion of your masculinity was removed when a piece of skin was removed from the end of your penis, I suggest you contemplate the true meaning of your manhood. It does not exist in your dingus. And if you really need something to consider, consider this.

Foreskin replacement: Who are the donors?


The Beginning
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  1. AngelXY says:

    Piercings, tattoos etc are all a matter of personal preference and with personal consent based on each persons own experience. Removing a normal, healthy body part from another human being without their personal consent is a completely different matter.

    If your eyelids were removed at birth you would be none the wiser about those pieces of “skin”. You would still be able to “function” right? If everyone around you had theirs removed also would you accept it as normal in your society. Why a different value system and different principles for a more intimate part of your body? You may argue that it is an absurd comparison, but the vast majority of men and women with unaltered genitals do not contemplate their foreskins as having a different value to any other part of their bodies. The male foreskin and female clitoral hood end up looking different, but they have the same embryonic origins and develop from the same structure. How is the removal of one a clear violation but the other is acceptable based on gender only?

    Are you 100% sure that circumcision has not altered your experience of sex, the way you perceive your body and sexuality or your understanding of normal male anatomy within your society?

    Men and women can keep themselves clean and healthy in exactly the same way. They can also both protect themselves against issues or treat any issues in the same way. Both can decide for themselves how they want their bodies to look and feel, to themselves and others, based on their own experiences. This means circumcision is unnecessary.

    It is not just normal skin… it is just as sensitive as the lips and fingertips. In the same way it can detect pressure, touch, temperature and different textures. It adds completely different sensations during sex and works like a roller bearing to make it more comfortable for both partners.

    Are there any other unnecessary surgeries that removes intimate parts of other human beings without their personal consent that you are willing to defend? Whether or not your ability to reproduce and urinate justifies circumcision, does not change the fact that the integrity of your body has been altered without your consent.

    Foreskin restoration can never replace the original structures and features that were lost but guys can regain some of the original functions. Your personal experience does not represent every other circumcised male so please respect their choices to regain some of what they have lost.

    Read the “The Vulnerability of Men” by Vincent Bach. It is available online…

  2. rationalizing the fact that you were sexually assaulted doesn’t help the problem.
    Sure, that’s fine that you’re ok with having been robbed of a part of your body forcibly by knife.

    But minimizing the damage as anything other than an atrocious human rights violation is repulsive.

  3. Certainly an attention grabbing title (pic helps too) David.
    I don’t get why people make such a big deal about circumcision. When it occurs when you are baby, it is not as if it hurts or is memorable in any way.
    It is a ritual that some people place religious significance on. Others may do it as simply part of a tradition.
    As you note, that has nothing to do with my manhood.

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