Remembering Self

I am soA parent’s life can be hectic. VERY hectic. Children have a lot of needs it turns out. If you didn’t expect this when you had a child, then you quickly learned it. From feedings, to diapers, to endless hours rocking them to sleep. The toddler years in which you answer a million questions a day, some of them repetitive, sibling rivalry, parental jealousy… I could go on and on, but let’s move on, shall we?


Becoming a parent is the most rewarding event in my life. More than surviving cancer, more than any work promotions or recognition, more than graduating high school. I never knew such love could exist, as the love I have for my children. I also didn’t know such stress, anger, frustration, and tiredness could exist. We fight through these things the best we can. Taking a timeout ourselves when we are getting too angry. Separating ourselves from stressful situations to regain our balance. Drinking loads of coffee in the morning to wake up, and numerous methods of inducing sleep.

One thing I have learned in my 6+ years of parenting so far is that it is easy to forget about the all important self in our daily routines. It’s very common (especially for new parents) to lose contact with the essential being in all of us, ourselves. We start to ignore the toll that sleep deprivation can have, that stress and anger can have, and it changes us as time goes on. Not just in a psychological and emotional sense, but physically as well. Stress takes a heavy physical toll on the body, and when left unchecked, can lead to health problems quicker than one would expect. Every dedicated parent wants to be around for their children as long as possible. So remembering self and caring for self is crucial.

You need to have time to yourself periodically to reduce stress and the toll it can take on the body. Whether you like to read, go bike riding, running, play video games, sleep. Making the time to do these things and get away for a bit can be important. And the same goes for your significant other. Both parents should agree to times that they can have to themselves to enjoy the other things in life that make them happy, or help them unwind. For me, it’s playing guitar, writing, going out with a friend for a drink or two, or simply grabbing a good nap. These things, away from the stresses of parenting, help me keep my sense of self, reduce my stress, and help break the monotony that life becomes sometimes. A break in the normal routine to enjoy things that I like and that don’t involve time outs, chores, and homework.

Remembering self should always be up there on the priorities list. When you forget to take care of yourself and your own sanity, it can interfere with your ability to maintain your composure, keep your anger in check, and can take a heavier toll on your mind than you think. All parents need to be of sound mind and judgement. Overreacting with anger or out of stress can have negative effects on your children. Take it from someone who has caused and witnessed this himself. Always remember your self. He/she is an important person. Without him/her we cease to be us. We cease to be effective parents and spouses.

What kinds of activities do you like to engage in with your me time? What do you do to get a break and regain self? Share with us in the comments below!



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