Real People

Real people are everywhere.  They are at the deli buying a sandwich, waiting in line for a roller coaster, watching a movie, even getting their oil changed in their car.  But for some it seems, some of these people are fake.


All of these people are real

Just because a person doesn’t look like you, does not mean that they aren’t real.  The skinny model does not need to eat a sandwich and the overweight person does not need to go on a diet. Both of these people, if they are healthy, are completely real. You wouldn’t know it sometimes though.  It seems that every time a picture is posted of someone who is not “normal” they get attacked as not being real.  If a person strives to be fit, why should they be considered any less of a person for wanting to be that way?  Conversely, a person who is carrying a few too many pounds should not be attacked and called a slob.

Both of those people are completely real.

Marketers get attacked all the time for selling this “unhealthy” body image.  “Models aren’t real people and they shouldn’t be selling this crap to our kids,” people say.  Why?  Why can’t we show images of people that choose to be in shape?  Why should someone be looked down upon simply because they are a size two or have more muscles that the average person? Why must every time we see a picture of a “skinny” female model we have to tell them to eat go eat a Big Mac? Why can’t the person just be skinny?

Real people can be skinny.

Not everyone is skinny though.  There are those that are fat, but that does not make them any less of a person.  Far from it. I am not the most in shape person, but I am 100% real.  Why do fat people always get attacked and be told that they should hit the treadmill? It’s old. Why can’t the person just be fat?

Real people can be fat.

Real people are black, white, asian, Indian, European, Russian, Jamaican, Polish, fat, skinny, tall, short, tan, pale, able bodied, handicapped or whatever else.  I’m pretty sure that if you are human and live on this Earth, you are a real person just like everyone else.

Real and spectacular.



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