I Don’t Care That You Are Gay

We recently celebrated the fact that an active pro athlete in one of the four major sports in the United States announced that he was gay.  All through the sports world athletes resoundingly welcomed the news and congratulated Jason Collins for doing something he had no reason to do in the first place.

I don’t care that he is gay.

I know that this is a big deal in the sports world as men are supposed to be all macho and stuff, but what we should asking is why it took so long.  Why did Jason Collins wait until he was 34 to come out as an openly gay man?  Shouldn’t we be past this?  This shouldn’t be an issue at all, but it is.

He’s gay. So what?

One day my kids will bring home a special someone.  Someone that they want to spend the rest of their lives with.  I will be honest with you, if it happens to be a member of the same sex, I will be caught off guard.  It’s not something that I would ever expect, but it is also something that that won’t bother me.

As long as they are happy, I wouldn’t care if they were gay.

It will be a great day when we don’t have to celebrate the fact that someone announced that they were gay.  Hopefully the future is a place where stuff like this doesn’t matter.

Congratulations Jason Collins, but I don’t care that you are gay.

It’s none of my business.


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  1. I’ve been hearing this a lot in the last day – that this Jason Collins thing isn’t news, that it’s no big deal. Personally, I agree with the fact that a person’s sexuality is no big deal, and I think a majority if our generation (I’m 32) agrees as well. Homosexuality, for most people I know, is ho-hum news.

    But where I disagree with you is that, on a macro/national level, this is very much a HUGE news story. Just look at the recent votes to legalize gay marriage, and the staunch opposition it still faces in many states. Look at the Bush administration, the Tea Party, and the religious right: to many people, being gay is akin to being diseased, something that must be “cured”. This view still very much exists in our country and our culture, and so when someone of stature comes out, it’s news. As more and more people come out, Jason Collins will long be remembered as one of the first to come out in the big four major US sports, and I think he’s deserving of the praise he’s receiving.

    • And actually, let me clarify:

      “It will be a great day when we don’t have to celebrate the fact that someone announced that they were gay. Hopefully the future is a place where stuff like this doesn’t matter.”

      I completely agree with that, and so maybe we’re more on the same page than I originally thought. I just think that in this day and age, we need more Jason Collins stories, to force the ignorants and “gay curists” that this is omnipresent in our world, even in the macho world of sports. Collins doing what he did is what will make it possible for the future you envision to come true. At some point in this world, a person’s sexuality will not matter – but it is going to take people like him to come out publicly before we get to that point.

      • Daddysincharge says:

        We do agree… while the story in its own is a story that needs to be told, I just hope there is a day when all of this is not necessary.

  2. jetts31 says:

    I think its important he came out because while most intelligent, forward thinking people who don’t allow bigotry to cloud their judgement, there are plenty of folks who don’t and they need to see the faces they want to hate or discriminate against look a lot like theirs. I think it is cathartic for Collins to for him to get it out. That being said, I could care less. Its his life.

  3. Can I voice what many people are thinking? This dude’s career is all but over and this is a book deal and made-for-tv movie play if I’ve ever seen one. Brave? Yes. First famous person to come out? No. First athlete to make his living between the lines in a dog-eat-dog environment after coming out? To be determined (free agent).

    My cousin recently brought his boyfriend to the largest family event of the year (80+ family members and friends) and that was how he came out. He didn’t “get up on stage” and announce this to all of us, he simply walked around and introduced his boyfriend to all of us as any one of us would who brought theirs for the first time.

    I thought that this was one of the most professional and respectable things I’ve seen in a long time. He didn’t ask for any special attention or recognition, but nor did he balk at the occasion in which he choose to come out.

    If Jason Collins came out at the beginning of the season, and not after his season was over and he was a free agent, I might have more of an appetite for this story. But he didn’t, and in my eyes, my cousin is 100 times braver than this guy.

    Oh, and I agree with your point, JW. I wish this for many things in society – race and religion to name a few – that we can just fast forward to a time when our differences in such don’t matter. We need to learn from our kids, our kids who don’t even care about this stuff until we teach them to.

    • Daddysincharge says:

      To make the claim that he is an active player is not true. The truth is he is a free agent and we’ll see how this plays out next season. At 34 and in declining abilities, I can’t be sure that he will even play. The NBA players are preaching tolerance, but they might not have to even worry about it if this guy never plays another minute of basketball. People should not have to announce on the cover of a magazine that they are gay or straight. It really is none of our business.

  4. brickwade says:

    Take home message: It’s none of our business. Who cares?! And yes, I am screaming this at the computer as I type. I’m tired of this attention grab. It’s a selfish personal plug disguised as a pro-gay stance.

    Let’s collectively move on and instead of celebrating someone’s romatic decision, let’s focus on things that people do that REALLY matter – namely selflessness.

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