Childhood Obesity is Going Global

The rise in childhood obesity rates began in the 80s and hasn’t slowed since.  If you think this is only an American problem, you’re wrong.  Below are recent statistics for the estimated percentage of children who are overweight and/or obese:

Several factors are linked to childhood obesity but the most prevalent are overeating processed foods high in salt, sugar, and/or fat combined with an inactive lifestyle.  The simple solution seems to be to:

  • feed kids healthy foods,
  • use and teach portion control,
  • and keep them active.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds.  In order to make the above list happen, parents must:

  • understand nutritional information on packages,
  • be able to afford healthy food,
  • understand proper portions for each developmental stage,
  • have the time and money to keep your kids active.


Being overweight is very bad for your overall health; being obese greatly diminishes both quality of life and life expectancy.  Obesity-related diseases are quickly becoming the number one cause of death in North America.  We know this yet our kids keep getting fatter and fatter.  

What are we going to do about it?




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  1. Alot can be said for parents who only feed their kids fast food or junk food. I make it a point though to show my son how to battle the bulge. I set the example by showing him what I am doing to be healthy whether that is eating healthy or going for a run.

  2. It really takes educating yourself if you want to slay the beast or at leas ward it off. The problem is, there is so much information that contradicts you could spend a lifetime learning. Big steps have been taken to promote organic/natural foods over processed but even that industry is rife with quackery. You just have to be diligent to vet your sources of information and find what works best not only for you, but for your family. My experience is that you have to eat healthy as a family to make it work. It may take an investment of time and money up front to eat and exercise the right way, but the payoff will be a healthy future and less doctor bills down the road due to chronic illness. My mentality is not one of trying to “lose weight” but to “be healthy.” By staying on that path, the weight will either drop or stay off as a by-product. Do what you can with the information you can get and GET STARTED. If you find out something is BS, throw it out and move on.

    “This isn’t as easy as it sounds.” You got that right. I’ve been fighting the obesity battle all of my life and have just started to see improvements in my overall health over the last couple of years. Stay the course, be of good cheer, and slay the beast!

    • Brandon P. Duncan says:

      Oh, man, doesn’t the constant change in information suck? Same thing for exercise. The way I was taught to weightlift in high school destroyed my shoulders. Same with food. There is simply no winning. Eat this, not that is expensive as hell, too much of this and that is good, then bad for you. Planting your own food isn’t good because the water or soil is contaminated or animals get into it. It just kills me.

      It really is too bad that we can’t get large companies and food manufacturers to stop thinking about their bottom line and do what is right for people’s health.

  3. Brandon P. Duncan says:

    The biggest cause at the moment is straight up lethargy. We’ve become lazy as a people. It’s easier to take the car to the store around the block instead of walking. You don’t walk around a library anymore because you ass is growing into the seat of your chair Googling stuff.

    We need to learn to unplug.

  4. It is and it’s awful…totally agree with you!

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