Is The Number of Internet Devices in Your Home Growing?

Do you remember the days when a whole family had a single computer, and someone could only use the internet if nobody was using the landline phone, because of the dial up connection? If you’re a dad now, chances are you remember this period when the internet was first becoming a mainstream feature in our lives, and when smartphones and tablets were a thing of the distant future, and cellphones were for adults, and used only when you really needed to use them because they were so much more expensive than landlines per minute.

Now, things are very different, with most homes having quite the collection of internet ready devices, and a broadband connection that allows all of these devices to be used at once. Internet connectivity is considered a household essential like another utility, and people seek out the best deals for all of the bandwidth their family’s devices need, like the offers here.

Of course, at the same time as more and more pieces of hardware become commonplace, these items also become more feature rich, theoretically meaning you don’t need as many of them to meet your internet, media and entertainment needs. So is the number of internet devices in your home set to go up, or down?

Doing Everything From a Phone

Some tech experts estimate that in just a couple of years, your smartphone will do everything you use your computer for, and home computers will become secondary devices, or perhaps even redundant. Certainly a lot of people will still prefer to use a proper keyboard for writing longer things, and a larger screen for looking at media, so the laptop is unlikely to go away, but the point is here that it could become far less of an essential. Consider how now, you perhaps know a lot of people who don’t use a television, and your kids might be happy enough not having a television in their bedrooms, because they can watch whatever they want of their computers. TVs haven’t gone away and a lot of people still like them and spend money on them, but living without one even if you love watching TV and movies is very easy, compared to in the past when a TV was a home essential.

More Gadget Wizardry

If everyone can do everything they need to do from a smartphone, this will mean essentials are covered and other tech devices, like computers, tablets, games consoles, smart watches and Wi-Fi ready appliances, will become more specialist items that need to offer something more in terms of experience. If a console isn’t necessary for people to play games because gaming on mobile devices has improved significantly, then consoles will push to offer amazing new ways to interact. If you don’t need a smart, internet ready TV because your console now takes care of that for you, smart TVs will start to offer something else to fill a new, possibly newly created need.

What Does This Mean for Your Future Home Tech?

The advancements in smart technology mean that it is possible that you’ll be able to soon do all the things your family do on their various tech devices from a smartphone each. What this will mean, however, is that devices that may now be essentials for your normal family lifestyle, like laptops for studying on, game consoles for playing together on, and smart TV gear for watching your favorite entertainment, may become more like luxury ‘nice to haves’.

Changes to the consumer tech and internet device markets tend to happen subtly, but we may find looking back in a few years’ time, that expert predictions are correct.


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